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High-resolution Fourier transform measurements of line strengths in the 00^02-00^00 main isotopologue band of nitrous oxide

Brunzendorf Jens, Werwein Viktor, Serdyukov Anton, Li Gang, Ebert Volker, Werhahn Olav

Nitrous oxide, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, spectral line parameters, line strengths, gas metrology

Document type Article
Journal title / Source Applied Optics
Volume 56
Issue 11
Page numbers / Article number E99-E105
Publisher's name The Optical Society
Publisher's address (city only) 2010 Massachusetts Ave, NW Washington, DC 20036-1023, USA
Publication date 2017-3-17
ISSN 0003-6935, 1539-4522
DOI 10.1364/ao.56.000e99
Language English

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Project title (JRP)
ENV06: EUMETRISPEC: Spectral Reference Data for Atmospheric Monitoring
Name of Call / Funding Programme
EMRP A169: Call 2010 Environment