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Atomic fountains and optical clocks at SYRTE: Status and perspectives

Abgrall M, Chupin B, De Sarlo L, Guena J, Laurent P, Le Coq Y, Le Targat R, Lodewyck J, Lours M, Rosenbuch P, Rovera G. D., Bize S

Atomic fountain clocks, Optical lattice clocks, Optical frequency combs, Stability of natural constants, Timekeeping

Document type Article
Journal title / Source Comptes Rendus Physique
Peer-reviewed article 1
Volume 16
Issue 5
Page numbers / Article number 461 - 470
Publisher's name Elsevier
Publisher's address (city only) Amsterdam
Publication date 2016-6-1
ISSN n/a
DOI 10.1016/j.crhy.2015.03.010
Language English

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Project title (JRP)
SIB55: ITOC: International timescales with optical clocks
Name of Call / Funding Programme
EMRP A169: Call 2012 SI Broader scope (II)