Counting the atoms in a 28Si crystal for a new kilogram definition

Andreas B., Azuma Y., Bartl G., Becker P., Bettin H., Borys M., Busch I., Fuchs P., Fujii K., Fujimoto H., Kessler E., Krumrey M., Kuetgens U., Mizushima N., Nicolaus A., Picard A., Pramann A., Rienitz O., Schiel D., Valkiers S., Waseda A., Zakel S.

Avogadro constant, kilogram redefinition, silicon, XRCD method

Document type Article
Journal title / Source Metrologia
Volume 48
Issue 2
Publication date 2011-3-22
DOI 10.1088/0026-1394/48/2/S01

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