A Low-Frequency Current Comparator For Precision Resistance Measurements

Satrapinski A., Pöntynen H., Götz M., Pesel E., Fletcher N., Goebel R., Rolland B.

Resistance measurement, CCC, low frequency, measurement uncertainty, sensitivity, current comparator. Current measurement,Electrical resistance measurement, Resistance, Resistors, Standards, Windings, current comparators, electric resistance measurement, frequency 0.1 Hz to 1 Hz, frequency-dependent sensitivity, graphene-based quantum Hall resistance standard, liquid helium, low-frequency current comparator, measurement uncertainty, precision AC resistance bridge, precision resistance measurement, resistance 1 kohm to 100 ohm, resistor, resistors, sensitivity, temperature 293 K to 298 K

Document type Proceedings
Journal title / Source A Low-Frequency Current Comparator For Precision Resistance Measurements
Page numbers / Article number 760-761
Publisher's name IEEE
Publication date 2014
Conference name CPEM 2014
Conference date 24-29 August 2014
Conference place Rio de Janeiro
ISSN 0589-1485
DOI 10.1109/CPEM.2014.6898608
ISBN 978-1-4799-2479-0
Web URL http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/articleDetails.jsp?arnumber=6898608
Language English

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