A Guide to Bayesian Inference for Regression Problems

Elster C., Klauenberg K., Walzel M., Wuebbeler G., Harris P., Cox M., Matthews C., Smith I., Wright L., Allard A., Fischer N., Cowen S., Ellison S., Wilson P., Pennecchi F., Kok G., Van der Veen A., Pendrill L.R.


Document type Technical report
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Publisher's name PTB
Publisher's address (city only) Brunswick & Berlin
Publication date 2015-7-30
Web URL https://www.ptb.de/emrp/resources/documents/nmasatue/NEW04/Papers/BPGWP1.pdf
Language English
Persistent Identifier https://www.ptb.de/emrp/resources/documents/nmasatue/NEW04/Papers/BPGWP1.pdf

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