Optical standardisation initiative includes significant input from EMRP project

Ellipsometry measurement of a thin film sample
Ellipsometry measurement of a thin film sample used in the international intercompasiron study

Results of EMRP project (ENG53 ThinErgy) contribute to new standard and international comparison exercise

A standardisation initiative is making extensive use of the results of EMRP project Traceable characterisation of thin-film materials for energy applications (ENG53 ThinErgy), which is developing metrology tools for the characterisation of thin films, to support and extend Europe’s leadership in energy technology and innovation.

The goal of the initiative is to create a new standardised calibration, measurement, analysis and documentation routine for simultaneously determining layer thicknesses and optical constants using optical technique, spectroscopic ellipsometry. The standard text, which includes significant input from ThinErgy, is currently at the national level in Germany (DIN NA 062-01-61).

This work stimulated also a collaboration between another national standards committee DIN NA061-01-64 (Carbon-based films and ceramic hard coatings) and the ISO Technical Committee 107, Metallic and other inorganic coatings, that already resulted in a comparison study on the ellipsometric characterisation of thin carbon-based layers between partners in Germany, France, and Japan. The laboratory work for this study, with participation from members of ThinErgy, is now finished and the results are under discussion within the standards bodies.

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