New facility for emission testing equipment

New dynamic generation facility semi-VOCs for the calibration and testing of equipment in indoor air and emission testing

New facility validated for the calibration and testing of equipment in indoor air and emission testing

Airborne molecular contamination in the form of vapours or aerosols, such as (semi-)volatile organic compounds (VOC), can have adverse effects on small scale products, processes and instruments. Industries such as the semiconductor and nanotechnology sectors demand continuous measurement and control of molecular contamination to optimise clean room production processes.

Within EMRP project Metrology for airborne molecular contamination in manufacturing environments (IND63 MetAMC), partner VSL has designed, built and validated a new dynamic gas mixture generation system that is suitable for the preparation of low levels of (semi-)volatile organic compounds (VOC) in air at ambient pressure. The system can be used for testing and calibration of measuring equipment and gas sensors and is suitable in indoor air and emission testing applications, where the semi-VOCs are mostly relevant. 

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