EURAMET submits official answer to public consultation on Metrology Partnership

Respond to the questionnaire by 6 November

To feed into the development of its Horizon Europe framework programme, the European Commission recently launched a public consultation on developing a new research partnership on metrology – the science of measurement.

With a vast range of expertise spanning Europe, EURAMET has been pleased to prepare an official answer to the consultation. The full response can be read in the document provided below.

In the answer, EURAMET has emphasised the value and importance of coordinated measurement science research, which is able to deliver outcomes that could not be achieved by national efforts alone.

EURAMET has also highlighted some of the relevant challenges, including ensuring a European-wide metrology system is applicable to emerging technologies and able to support their industrial deployment, and consideration of industrial and regulatory user needs when building metrology capacity and the quality infrastructure for emerging technologies. 

For a successful future partnership composition, EURAMET agreed that flexibility, a broad range of partners, collaborative R&I projects, and the co-creation of solutions with end users would be critical. Alongside this, the need for a future European Partnership under Horizon Europe to be more responsive towards EU policy objectives, to significantly contribute to the UN’s sustainability goals, and to focus more on the development and effective deployment of technology was underlined. 

There are currently 12 candidate Institutionalised European Partnerships, addressing the priority areas of: 

1. EU-Africa research partnership on health security to tackle infectious diseases (Global Health)
2. Innovative Health Initiative
3. Key Digital Technologies
4. Smart Networks and Services
5. European Metrology
6. Transforming Europe's rail system
7. Integrated Air Traffic Management
8. Clean Aviation
9. Clean Hydrogen
10. Safe and Automated Road Transport
11. Circular bio-based Europe: sustainable innovation for new local value from waste and biomass
12. Innovative SMEs

This public consultation aims to collect the views of stakeholders and citizens on the need for such Institutionalised European Partnerships and will feed into the impact assessment process. 

To contribute by the deadline of 6 November (midnight CET), fill in the online questionnaire:

To fill in the consultation an EU Login account (former ECAS) is necessary. More information is available at

A guide to set up an account can be found here 

For more information on the ways measurement science delivers social, economic, and scientific improvements, visit EURAMET’S impact pages:

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