EMRP light measurement technology project featured in photonics journal

SEM close-up image of black silicon © ElFys Oy

Novel black silicon photodiodes developed in EMRP project has led to success for start-up company

The project

EMRP project ‘New primary standards and traceability for radiometry’ (SIB57, NEWSTAR) improved photodetector efficiency and provided simpler traceability routes and lower uncertainties for the radiometric units, used to measure light. It developed new primary standards for radiometry based on Predictable Quantum Efficiency Detectors (PQED) that for the first time can be easily used by calibration and testing laboratories, improving access to the candela, the SI unit of luminous intensity. This new technology is important for many applications such as information & communication including fibre optic networks, earth observation, manufacturing, healthcare & life science, lighting & displays, and photonics for safety & security.

Journal article

In November 2019, journal Photonics Finland published an article entitled Voima Ventures invests in deep tech startup ElFys that uses black silicon to revolutionize light sensing in safety and security, med tech and wearables.

ElFys, a spin-off company from Aalto University, was set up in 2017 to commercialise the black silicon photodiode technology developed by applying solar cell innovations to photodetectors. The CEO and founder of ElFys, Mikko Juntunen, credits the EMRP project for bringing experts from these two fields together in order to develop this new technology.

Dr Juntunen said:

‘It was a great privilege to join the academic community once more after many years in business. But I could never have anticipated the outcome of the interaction, this great invention and successful demonstration of it’.

This EMRP joint research project was part of EURAMET’s European Metrology Research Programme. The EMRP has been jointly funded by the EMRP participating countries within EURAMET and the European Union.

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