Elsa Batista wins CEN-CENELEC Standards + Innovation award

Elsa Batista at the Award Ceremony

The 5th edition of the CEN-CENELEC Standards + Innovation awards was presented on 26th October 2023. The awards highlight the achievements and contributions of European research and innovation projects, individual researchers and young researchers to the field of standardisation.

Individual Award

Elsa Batista (IPQ), coordinator of the EMPIR project ‘Metrology for drug delivery’ (18HLT08, MeDDII), has won the Standards + Innovation ‘Individual Researcher’ award.

The MeDDII project, which has focused on accurate delivery of drugs to patients through infusion pumps, has developed calibration methods to enable traceable flow rate measurements and has contributed to revised standards for infusion pumps.

“Standards are globally accepted documents that have the purpose of harmonizing concepts and methodologies,” says Batista. “If we can add metrological concepts in these documents its much easy to reach manufacturer and end users, especially in the medical world.
This award is a recognition of the work have done in the last two decades in metrology and standardisation, specialty in the field do volume and flow.”

As well as being head of the Volume and Flow laboratory at IPQ, Elsa has also been Chair of the EURAMET Technical Committee for Flow (TC-F), for whom she has coordinated 17 projects, and a member of the European Metrology Networks for Energy Gases and Advanced Manufacturing.

“My next project will be on organ-on-chip metrology and standardisation,” says Elsa. “This is a very important new field for health since it addresses problems of medical trials/drug development in miniaturised organs, therefore standards, regulations and metrological requirements and technical procedures are needed.”

EURAMET would like to extend huge congratulations to Elsa on this amazing achievement.


Project Award

The Standards + Innovation awards has also recognised the contributions of three EMPIR projects nominated for the ‘Projects’ award:


The Standards + Innovation awards were presented as part of the European Commission’s stakeholder event ‘Making research results work for society’, which took place in Brussels and online. The event programme included the award ceremony as well as the panel discussion ‘Fostering contributions to standardisation in R&I activities.’

Find out more about the event here.

EMPIR projects are co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States.

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