Biogas workshop showcased successful metrology capability

Researchers at NPL working towards the development of new measurement techniques
Researchers at NPL working towards the development of new measurement techniques

Discussions at EMRP workshop between industry and metrologists addresses ongoing biogas metrology requirements

The biogas industry is developing rapidly and this means there are ongoing metrology challenges. The workshop held in November 2016, organised as part of EMRP project Metrology for Biogas (ENG54 Biogas), was a unique opportunity to bring together consultants, biogas associations, standardisation committee members, European biogas producers and metrologists. The project partners reviewed state-of-the-art measurement techniques for silicon, inorganic impurities, moisture and calorific value. They disseminated the lessons learned, new methods and standards and best measurement practice to the biogas community.     

In the future, it is planned to inject biomethane directly into the grid via new entry points to existing natural gas infrastructure. Before this can happen, NMIs need to develop traceable standards and suitable methods for the delivery facility operators, to ensure that they can traceably perform the required quality assurance checks before injecting.

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