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‘Knowledge through Measurement’ is the motto of the XXII World Congress of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO). The motto is a theme from the work of Lord Kelvin, famous scientist, engineer and entrepreneur who was born in Belfast, the venue for this important event in 2018.

From 3 to 6 September 2018 the congress will bring together leading experts from many countries to report on the latest and most exciting developments in their fields. It will be hosted by the Institute of Measurement and Control, with active involvement of many other professional bodies in the United Kingdom, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), universities and industry.

Graham Machin (NPL), chair of EURAMET's Technical Committee for Thermometry, and member of the congress planning committee says: “The IMEKO 2018 World Congress is being held at a momentous time for metrology. This will be the last main gathering of the world metrology community before the proposed redefinition of the International System of Units. As such, it will be a great opportunity to both celebrate the scientific achievements leading up to redefinition and to start discussions about the realisation and dissemination phase which will follow after the implementation of the redefinition in May 2019.”

During the congress Graham will lead a special session on ‘InGaAs Detectors for Radiometry and Radiation Thermometry’. InGaAs (Indium Gassium Arsenide) detectors allow non-contact measurement of temperatures down to ~500 K. The workshop will focus on specific metrology challenges associated with the implementation of the detectors.

Keynote speakers of the congress include

  • Klaus von Klitzing, Nobel Prize winner,
  • William D. Phillips, Nobel Prize winner,
  • Pete Loftus, Head of Measurement Engineering at Rolls-Royce and
  • Martin Milton, Director of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.

In conjunction with the event two related conferences will take place:

  • ‘Sensors and their Applications 2018’ hosted by the UK Institute of Physics and
  • ‘OFSIS 2018’, the international conference for fibre-optic and photonic sensors for industrial and safety applications.

The joint events will enable a strong interaction across the various communities.

In addition, the Institute of Measurement and Control is launching the first ever ‘Festival of Measurement’ at the start of the IMEKO World Congress.

Registration and paper submission are open at the event website.
Deadline for paper submission is Monday, 5 March 2018.
Accepted papers will be published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series.

IMEKO is a non-governmental federation with 42-member organisations concerned with the advancement of measurement technology. Founded in 1958, the federation has consultative status with UNESCO and UNIDO.

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