Capacity Building

The capabilities of National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) in EURAMET member states vary from country to country. Many European NMIs represent the cutting edge of global measurement expertise, actively participating in the development of new measurement technologies, new realisations of SI units and projects to accelerate the redefinition of the SI units. These institutes have a leading role in supporting global competitiveness of the European economy as well as the development of measurement technologies required by modern society, such as those in the field of the 'Grand Challenges' of Health, Environment and Energy.

Other NMIs are in the early development stages, and are less research- and more service-oriented, or are small with very limited resources but have to keep-up with their stakeholders' needs. Some do not have approved and published calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs) in the BIPM key comparison database or a Quality Management System (QMS) acknowledged by the EURAMET Technical Committee for Quality.

EURAMET intends that EMPIR will bridge the gap between emerging and well-developed NMIs and Designated Institutes, thus developing a balanced and integrated metrology system in the participating states.

Capacity Building Activities

There are three Capacity Building instruments within EURAMET:

EMPIR Research Potential Projects

Human and Institutional Capacity Building (HI-CB)

Short (2-3 days) training course related to:

  • specific technical topics (i.e. calibration, measurement uncertainty)
  • metrology systems (i.e. CIPM MRA, NMI management, communication, QMS)
  • EMRP / EMPIR (i.e. drafting proposals, project administration and finances)

Researcher Mobility Grants (RMGs)
The 2019 RMG Call for grants attached to running EMPIR projects will be open from Monday 1st July to Monday 2nd September 2019.

Possible hosting projects are projects from EMPIR calls 2016, 2017 and 2018.
More information is available here >>

Capacity Building News

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