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EURAMET's European Metrology Networks

Close collaboration in measurement science with a new sustainable structure

The vision of EURAMET and its members is to ensure Europe has a world-leading metrology capability, based on high-quality scientific research and an effective and inclusive infrastructure, that meets the rapidly advancing needs of end users. EURAMET's European Metrology Networks (EMNs) help realising this aim.

Currently there are twelve EMNs: Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Energy, Climate and Ocean Observation, Energy Gases, Laboratory Medicine, Mathematics and Statistics, Pollution Monitoring, Quantum Technologies, Radiation Protection, Safe and Sustainable Food, Smart Electricity Grids and Smart Specialisation in Northern Europe.

The EMNs will analyse the European and global metrology needs and address these needs in a coordinated manner. EMN members will then formulate common metrology strategies including aspects such as research, infrastructure, knowledge transfer and services. The members will be committed to contributing to the EMN, helping to establish sustainable structures that are strategically planned from the outset.

By providing a single point of contact for information, underpinning regulation and standardisation, promoting best practice and establishing a comprehensive, longer-term infrastructure, the EMNs aim to create and disseminate knowledge, gain international leadership and recognition, and build collaboration across the measurement science community.

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