Modelling, simulations & inverse problems

Models and simulations are powerful tools to underpin measurements.

Mathmet focuses on the accurate modeling of measurement processes and the assessment of associated uncertainties, with application areas ranging from healthcare to the energy sector and environmental issues. This includes investigations of hybrid systems, such as smart sensors, distributed systems (e.g. sensor networks) and the modelling of complete measurement systems. Behind all these applications is the fundamental question of how processes can be modeled effectively and how uncertainties can be determined reliably. The activities include not only direct modeling, but also solving inverse problems to model indirect measurements. In the near future, the aim is to develop a virtual metrology framework for specific measurement systems and measurement methods.

Models and simulations contribute to the understanding of physical processes, help in the development of new methodologies and enable the evaluation of indirect measurements. Sometimes, due to technical or economic reasons, simulations can even replace entire measurement procedures. In such cases, the validation of these computational tools and the evaluation of their accuracy play a fundamental role in assessing their reliability.



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