For Teachers - Measurement Uncertainty Training

The activity to establish a community of those involved in measurement uncertainty training will strengthen the capabilities of those teaching measurement uncertainty and expand their access to relevant material and skills.

There are three strands to the activity:

  1. To provide for the mutual attendance of existing training courses on measurement uncertainty and the sharing of training material for such courses between partners.

    Partners involved in the activity are starting to open their training courses, on either an unlimited or limited basis, to other partners. On the one hand, partners providing existing courses will receive feedback on the courses, identify possibilities for improvement, and start to develop new training courses. On the other hand, by attending existing courses, partners are encouraged to extend their own portfolio, can adapt curricula, and benefit from the expertise of other partners.
  2. To hold a workshop to allow the exchange of good practice and sharing of the experiences of the partners in developing and running training courses aimed at different audiences and in different formats.

    The workshop took place online with sessions giving an overview of existing courses and classroom examples on measurement uncertainty, sharing best practices in measurement uncertainty training, learning from teaching experts, and targeting audiences at the end of the measurement chain. The workshop was attended by over 30 people, representing National Metrology Institutes, other European Metrology Networks, accreditation bodies, academia, and industry.

    For detailed information, please see & download the workshop agenda (PDF), the summary report (PDF), a summary presentation (PDF) and the presentations (ZIP).
  3. To engage with the communities of legal and accreditation bodies in order to understand their requirements for training on measurement uncertainty and to design curricula for courses to meet those requirements.

    The partners are actively engaging with the Working Groups of WELMEC (the European Cooperation in Legal Metrology) and with accredited calibration and testing laboratories. A report summarising the requirements gathered from that engagement, and describing proposed curricula for training courses on measurement uncertainty aimed at the communities of legal and accreditation bodies, will be made available here.


The information related to the Measurement Uncertainty Training Activity has been provided by the Members and Partners of the EMN for Mathematics and Statistics.
EURAMET has no influence on their correctness and completeness and does not assume any liability for it.