Strategic Research Agenda

"A Europe for the Digital Age" and "A European Green Deal" are two of six political priorities defined by the European Commission to address the grand challenges to be faced by the EU and its citizens. Both priorities are mutually dependent and solutions developed for addressing them can ideally reinforce each other. For example, digital twins, virtual copies of the real world, are able to model various processes (from traffic to manufacturing) and optimise them in such a way that emissions are reduced and resources are saved.  

Mathematical and statistical methods have the potential to make a valuable contribution to Europe’s digital and green transition. Therefore, EURAMET has founded the European Network for Mathematics and Statistics in Metrology (EMN Mathmet) to strengthen the integration between mathematics and statistics and measurement science.

The EMN Mathmet has developed a Strategic Research Agenda in which emerging research topics such as machine learning and virtual metrology have been incorporated and linked to traditional areas such as uncertainty quantification, data analysis, and modelling.