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Stakeholder Committee

A large and varied Stakeholder Committee supports the activity and regurlarly receives relevant output and updates. It includes National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes (also non-Mathmet members), EURAMET European Metrology Networks and Technical Committees, calibration and testing laboratories, academia, industry, accreditation, standardisation and legal bodies.


Members of the Stakeholder Committee (PDF) >>


The aim of the Stakeholder Committee is to clarify the needs of the various interested parties and to accommodate these into the activity. If you are interested in the outcomes of this activity and would like to express your needs or views, please contact Katy Klauenberg.

Events & Publications

The activity was officially launched in October 2021. At the kick-off meeting, the importance for uncertainty trainers and trainees was emphasised, and the consortium discussed needs with stakeholders and clarified the aims of the activity. The Mathmet event was well attended by stakeholders, EURAMET representatives and the Measurement Uncertainty Training consortium.

A Measurement Uncertainty Training Workshop was organised in May 2022, with the aim to strengthen training capabilities and improve existing courses on measurement uncertainty by facilitating the exchange of expertise and good practice, as well as experiences in developing and running training courses. More details and output from the workshop are available in the 'For Teachers' section.

In conjunction with the workshop, the activity organised its 'Month 9' meeting for discussing the status of the deliverables and decide on future actions. Some presentations from the Stakeholder Committee were also accommodated to keep the activity aligned with the stakeholders’ needs.  

At the Joint IMEKO & Mathmet Symposium, the activity was presented within the session “Opening the EMN Mathmet and its activities”, on the third day (2 September 2022). The following presentations were provided and feedback from the audience was gathered:

  • K. Klauenberg, “Introduction to the Mathmet activity MU Training”;
  • F. Pennecchi and P. Harris, “Mathmet Measurement Uncertainty Training activity – Overview of courses, software, and classroom examples”.


On 14 March 2024, the activity will organise an Impact Workshop with a focus on

  • sharing results and collecting feedback,
  • sharing best practices in measurement uncertainty training and
  • discussing ideas for future needs and developments in the field.

For more information, please visit the event page >>


Mathmet is looking for new partners, stakeholders and ideas for training material. If you are interested in this activity and would like to receive more information or consider joining the consortium, please contact Katy Klauenberg


The information related to the Measurement Uncertainty Training Activity has been provided by the Members and Partners of the EMN for Mathematics and Statistics.
EURAMET has no influence on their correctness and completeness and does not assume any liability for it.