About Mathmet

Measurement science increasingly relies on new analytical and computational approaches in research. This requires expert knowledge of, and support from, the areas of applied mathematics, statistics, and numerical computation, and state-of-the-art computational tools.

To provide this expertise, particularly in addressing modern challenges such as energy and sustainability, climate and environmental monitoring, health, and artificial intelligence, it is necessary to take a pan-European collaborative approach between industry, stakeholder organisations, and academia.

The European Metrology Network (EMN) for Mathematics and Statistics is a central reference point that addresses the need for integration between measurement science and mathematical and statistical methods. By providing a website, guides, recommended software, support and collaboration in scientific projects, and workshop and training materials, the EMN for Mathematics and Statistics aims to both grow and support the field of mathematical and statistical applications for measurement science in Europe.

This single focal point for best practice in mathematics and statistics in metrology will help to ensure robust and cutting-edge measurement science for the future, as well as the highest scientific excellence in European industry.