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For Trainees - Measurement Uncertainty Training

Overview of existing material for trainees

A list of existing courses on measurement uncertainty provided by some of the partners and stakeholders of the Measurement Uncertainty Training activity is available. The courses are categorised according to several characteristics (language, technicity level, duration etc.) to help everyone find a well-suited course.

Survey of existing training courses on Measurement Uncertainty evaluation (XLSX) >>

A review of examples on measurement uncertainty evaluation is available. The examples are taken from the survey of training courses above as well as taken from the Compendium of examples provided by the EMPIR project 'Advancing measurement uncertainty - comprehensive examples for key international standards'.

Survey of examples on Measurement Uncertainty evaluation (XLSX) >>

An overview of existing software to evaluate measurement uncertainty is provided. The software has been analysed according to relevant technical features and the adherence to the approaches in the JCGM suite of documents.

Survey of available software for Measurement Uncertainty evaluation (XLSX) >>


An analysis of the results collected in the surveys above is published in 'F. R. Pennecchi and P. M. Harris, Mathmet Measurement Uncertainty Training activity – Overview of courses, software, and classroom examples, ACTA IMEKO 12 (2), 2023'.


The material collected in the above-mentioned surveys was produced by the authors with due care and was agreed by the partners of the activity. It displays the state of knowledge at the date of those document versions and does not claim completeness.

Videos about key aspects of measurement uncertainty

Measurement Uncertainty: an introduction

The following video introduces the concept of measurement uncertainty and its importance. The video will be of interest to anyone involved with any kind of measurement in their professional activity: engineers and technicians in calibration and testing laboratories, industry or accreditation bodies.

The material will be available shortly >>

Measurement uncertainty: the coverage factor k

The following video points a frequent mistake when deriving expanded uncertainties. It will explain the origin of the choice of k = 2, when this choice may be inappropriate and will briefly introduce existing alternatives.

The material will be available shortly >>

Measurement uncertainty: the importance of data quality

The following video explains why data quality is important in order to take decisions based on reliable measurement data.

The material will be available shortly >>


The information related to the Measurement Uncertainty Training Activity has been provided by the Members and Partners of the EMN for Mathematics and Statistics.
EURAMET has no influence on their correctness and completeness and does not assume any liability for it.