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EMN Mathmet starts initiative on measurement uncertainty training

New activity aims to develop new training material and establish an active community for those involved in teaching measurement uncertainty

New activity aims to develop new training material and establish an active community for those involved in teaching measurement uncertainty

The European Metrology Network for Mathematics and Statistics, or Mathmet, is a central reference point that addresses the need for integration between measurement science and mathematical and statistical methods. 

Measurement Uncertainty Training activity

A consortium encompassing Mathmet and non-Mathmet members, has formed, with the aim of improving the quality, efficiency, and dissemination of measurement uncertainty training. The 16 European partners of the EMN activity ‘Measurement Uncertainty Training’ will develop new training material on measurement uncertainty and establish an active community for those involved in teaching measurement uncertainty at metrology institutes, universities, industry and for accreditation and legal metrology. The initiative will contribute to increasing the understanding of uncertainties and will support consistency in their evaluation and reporting.

The training activity aims to:

  • Develop new material for measurement uncertainty training. This new material will include an overview of existing courses, software and examples to guide trainees, as well as short videos explaining the need for, and common difficulties in, evaluating measurement uncertainty. The material will be made available and will be actively disseminated to a large set of practitioners in metrology, academia and industry. 
  • Establish an active community for those involved in measurement uncertainty training. This community will provide the platform for strengthening the capabilities of those teaching measurement uncertainty by opening courses and material within the consortium, as well as laying foundations for the development of new courses. A broader range and larger number of metrologists, researchers, university students and those working in industry will receive good practice in training on measurement uncertainty. 

By creating new material for measurement uncertainty training at the different levels, and by establishing an active community for those teaching measurement uncertainty at metrology institutes, universities, in accreditation and legal metrology, the activity will increase the understanding of measurement uncertainty and thus contribute to more reliable measurements from the highest scientific level down to the shop floor. 

Kick-off event

In October 2021 the two-year EMN activity, coordinated by PTB, Germany’s National Metrology Institute, started with an online event. At the Kick-off meeting, the importance for uncertainty trainers and trainees was emphasised. The consortium discussed needs with stakeholders and clarified the aims of the activity as well as future work. The event was well attended by stakeholders, the Mathmet management, EURAMET representatives and the whole Measurement Uncertainty Training consortium.

Katy Klauenberg from PTB said

‘This is the first time that such a diverse consortium of measurement uncertainty trainers has formed. Collaborating allows us to share our expertise and avoid replication of development effort, to provide a contact forum and to better prioritise training needs. We are currently compiling an overview of selected uncertainty courses to enable interested parties to easily identify suitable ones. We are surveying the needs in the community of legal and accreditation bodies to better tailor future courses. And new training videos will follow.’

The consortium

The consortium comprises:

11 Mathmet members and partners: PTB (coordination), CEM, GUM, IMBIH, IMS SAS, INRIM, IPQ, LNE, METAS, NPL, SMD and

5 non-Mathmet members: ACCREDIA Ente Italiano di Accreditamento, Deutsche Akademie für Metrologie (DAM), National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), Politecnico di Torino, University of Konstanz.


Interested in joining the Measurement Uncertainty Training activity ?

If you are interested in outcomes of this activity, would like to express needs or views, or consider joining the consortium, please contact Katy Klauenber at .

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