Please find below selected joint research projects from EURAMET's European Metrology Research Programmes (EMRP and EMPIR) that are related to Smart Electricity Grids:

Current projects

Completed projects

Metrology for the electrical power industry


The EC has highlighted that to meet energy targets for 2030 a reduction in the power lost in electricity networks will be required. Electricity travel...

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Traceability routes for electrical power quality measurements


The Renewable Energy Directive requires the EU to fulfil at least 20% of its final energy consumption with renewable sources by 2020. However, increas...

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Standard tests and requirements for rate-of-change of frequency (ROCOF) measurements in smart grids


Improved measurements of rate-of-change of frequency will provide vital support to the smart grids of the future

The Renewable Energy Directive requi...

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Metrology for inductive charging of electric vehicles


Inductive charging is a promising charging technology that will be deployed by manufacturers of electric vehicles in the near future. This technology ...

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