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Improved instrument transformer measurement in new joint research project

Standardised methodologies, procedures and infrastructures for calibration, characterisation and testing of instrument transformers

Society is increasingly using switching devices such as inverters, bulky power electronic converters and active filters, both as loads as well as part of generators - especially for renewable energy sources. This has driven a consequent proliferation of disturbances on grid voltage and current, also at medium voltage level, up to hundreds of kilohertz, due to the harmonics of the components around the switching frequency.

The new project Characterisation of AC and DC MV instrument transformers in extended frequency range up to 150 kHz (22NRM06, ADMIT) will develop traceable measurement methods and procedures for the characterisation of instrument transformers used to measure disturbances up to 150 kHz in the medium voltage grid. The project partners will closely interact with IEC TC 38 to ensure the incorporation of the project outputs for revised and new written standards. The project results will benefit the metrology community, manufacturers of medium voltage systems and academics.

The project is one of the first to start within the European Partnership on Metrology.

The activity is organised into four technical Work Packages:

  • Performance requirements, parameters and test procedures for accuracy evaluation
  • Infrastructure for voltage generation and traceable measurement chain
  • Infrastructure for current generation and traceable measurement chain
  • Ensuring impact

The consortium brings together:

Project coordinator Domenico Giordano from INRIM said

This project will foster the integration of renewable energy sources also in medium voltage distribution grids.’.



This news story details a project that has been selected for funding from the European Partnership on Metrology, but at the time of publication is still being negotiated.
The information provided here is subject to change as no contracts are formally in place.


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