Energy Gases: Service Platform

The service platform below allows you to easily find information about energy gas-related services provided by the members of the EMN for Energy Gases.

The services are listed for six distinct gas types: natural gas, biogas/biomethane, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, liquified natural gas (LNG)/liquified biogas (LBG), and hydrogen/natural gas blends.

For each type of gas, services are divided into the following main categories: gas analysis, certified reference materials, flow, material testing, density, humidity and temperature, material data, training courses, interlaboratory comparison, and sampling.

Through the interactive map, you’ll quickly be able to find where a given service is provided. Alternatively, search filters can be used to find your required service. To directly access the services provided by a specific EMN member, please use the table below.

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The information in this database has been provided by the Members and Partners of the EMN for Energy Gases.
EURAMET has no influence on their correctness and does not assume any liability for it.