Collaborative Research Projects

Please find below selected joint research projects from EURAMET's European Metrology Research Programmes (EMRP and EMPIR) that are related to Energy Gases:

Current projects

An image showing A hydrogen fuel dispenser

Metrology to support standardisation of hydrogen fuel sampling for heavy duty hydrogen transport


Road transport accounts for a fifth of carbon dioxide emissions within the EU. Non-fossil fuels like hydrogen need to be applied to sectors such as he...

Image showing air pollution

Metrology Support for Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage


The European Commission’s Green Deal aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, with carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) named as a priorit...

Image showing a biomass plant behind a cornfield

Protocol for SI-traceable validation of methods for biomethane conformity assessment


The use of biomethane – methane produced through the fermentation of organic matter, rather than non-renewable fossil fuels – is projected to double b...

Image showing Hydrogen filling station

Metrology for the hydrogen supply chain


The 2020 EU hydrogen strategy has laid out the European Commission’s plans to transition towards ‘green’ hydrogen, a zero-carbon alternative to natura...

Image showing a closeup of a household gas meter

Metrology for decarbonising the gas grid


Natural gas serves almost half of Europe’s heating and cooling demand, has become a major source for electricity generation, and is starting to be ado...

Image showing a closeup of a high pressure hydrogen fuel nozzle

Metrology infrastructure for high-pressure gas and liquified hydrogen flows


Hydrogen is finding growing use as an energy source in applications where requirements for carbon emission reductions are urgent and hard to achieve b...

Hydrogen storage tank

Metrology for Advanced Hydrogen Storage Solutions


Hydrogen offers the potential to be a major contributor to helping achieve the EU target of deriving 32 % of Europe’s energy usage from renewable sour...

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Completed projects

Metrological support for LNG custody transfer and transport fuel applications


This project developed new LNG calibration facilities and standards for flow and composition measurement. The project also developed and validated met...

Multiphase flow metrology in oil and gas production


Over 50% of global energy demand is currently met by oil and gas production, but as reserves dwindle, new sources tend to be smaller, remote and in de...

Metrology for biogas


Biofuels have an important role in enabling EU states to meet Renewable Energy Directive targets and supporting a transition from fossil fuels to rene...

Metrology for Liquefied Natural Gas


This EMRP project brought together the expertise of scientists at 12 NMIs and four universities to make a significant reduction in the measurement unc...

Image showing a Manometer

Characterisation of Energy Gases


This EMRP project brought together the expertise of scientists at 17 National Metrology Institutes to develop the metrological infrastructure for the ...

Image showing a sign for an Electric vehicle and hydrogen refueling station

Metrology for hydrogen vehicles 2

MetroHyVe 2

The EU has targeted net-zero emissions from transport by 2050 which will require rapid take-up of cleaner, non-fossil fuels such as hydrogen. Electric...

Image showing A biogas plant in the countryside

Improvement of the European quality infrastructure for the measurement of total silicon and sulphur content of biogas


Europe’s biogas sector responded to demands to diversify sources of energy and increase the use of renewables, but integration with distribution netwo...

Image of a Biogas plant

Flow metering of renewable gases (biogas, biomethane, hydrogen, syngas and mixtures with natural gas)


Renewable gases such as biogas and hydrogen are increasingly available within Europe's distribution networks, alongside natural gas. Operators and use...

Image showing Oil or gas pipe line valves

Support for a European Metrology Network for energy gases

Energy Gases

With a background of regulatory pressure to expand renewable energy markets, the European Metrology Network (EMN) on Energy Gases aims to be the centr...

Image showing pressure meters on natural gas pipeline

Development of measurement and calibration techniques for dynamic pressures and temperatures


From injection moulding to internal combustion engines, many technologies operate with gases and liquids that undergo dynamic changes in temperature a...

Image showing a long red transport truck in a flower filled landscape

Metrological support for LNG and LBG as transport fuel


Use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) as transport fuels constitutes one of the pillars of the European clean fuel strategy.


Image showing oilrig drill submerged in the ocean

Multiphase flow reference metrology

MultiFlowMet II

Multiphase flow measurement is a fundamental enabling capability in subsea oil and gas production. However, field measurements exhibit high measuremen...

Image showing a biogas plant is a field of raper seed

Metrology for biomethane


Natural gas resources are declining and the EU depends increasingly on the import of biomethane for use in the natural gas grid. At the same time, the...

Image showing the rear end of a hydrogen fuel cell car

Metrology for hydrogen vehicles


Hydrogen is one of the most promising alternative fuels for future energy and transport applications, offering to increase energy security and reduce ...

Image showing a hydrogen fuel cell car

Metrology for sustainable hydrogen energy applications


Hydrogen has been promoted as a clean fuel alternative, offering improved air quality and reduced noise, and contributing towards climate and energy t...

Image showing a Manometer

Field trial of traceable online measurements of siloxanes in landfill gases


Reducing Europe’s reliance on imported fossil fuels requires an increase in the amount of energy generated from renewable sources. Organic material fr...

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