EMN for Energy Gases

In striving towards environmental sustainability and a reliable and diverse energy network, it is vital to address outstanding fundamental challenges to establish renewable gases as a fuel source and as an energy vector.

These include the physical and chemical characteristics renewable gases require to enter existing natural gas grids or to be qualified for energy storage and assessing the quality of hydrogen as a fuel source for long distance transportation.

To ensure the safety and reliability of renewable gaseous fuels it is important to have robust, accurate measurements that can be traced to established standards.

The European Metrology Network (EMN) for Energy Gases provides measurement science expertise to society and industry to support the implementation of the energy transition to renewable gaseous fuels. By bridging the gap between research and end-user communities and acting as a central nucleus for measurement science activities, the EMN for Energy Gases will facilitate a safe, reliable, and diverse energy network for the future.

EMN Chair

Annarita Baldan, VSL, Netherlands

Energy Gases News

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