Radiation Protection

The European Metrology Network for Radiation Protection supports the ongoing dialogue between stakeholders in radiation protection, including standards development and regulatory organisations, national and international bodies, manufacturers of radiation protection devices, medical staff, etc. and Europe's metrology community.

News & Events

EMPIR project develops new radon sources to improve exposure measurements and greenhouse gas tracing

The sources will improve atmospheric transport models which can be used to track both radon and greenhouse ga...

EMPIR project helps deliver new tool in the fight against cancer

FLASH radiotherapy is a new form of cancer treatment promising to minimise damage caused to healthy tissue bu...

Partnership project makes progress towards protecting the Earth’s fragile ozone shield

Developing the first metrological framework to assess the impact of cosmic rays and human activity on the ozo...

2024-06-03 to 2024-06-07


Training course

This Training Course will be organised by the EURADOS WG02 on Harmonization of...

2024-04-11 to 2024-04-11


The 2024 EMN Radiation Protection Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 11 April.

It will be...