Ultra-high voltage direct current calibration service up to 1200 kV launched

<p><em>EMPIR project produces a new reference measurement system and serves first customers with on-site calibrations to 1200 kV before end of project</em></p>

EMPIR project produces a new reference measurement system and serves first customers with on-site calibrations to 1200 kV before end of project

Electricity is transmitted at high voltages using alternating current network grids with a low energy efficiency, resulting in an energy loss equivalent to approximately 150 million tons of CO2 per year. In order to meet increasing energy demands by society, it is important that energy transmission is optimised, and energy efficiency increased. New methods seek to transmit electricity at ultra-high voltage levels of 1000 kV or above via direct current transmission grids. This can also increase the energy efficiency of transmitting electricity over long distances, which is becoming more important as renewable energy generation often occurs in remote locations.

EMPIR project Metrology for future energy transmission (19ENG02, FutureEnergy) aims to develop the metrological infrastructure that is needed to monitor the secure availability and quality of supply in ultra-high voltage direct current grids. As part of its objectives, FutureEnergy has developed two modular 1200 kV high voltage direct current dividers for RISE and PTB, which will enable on-site traceable calibrations. Additionally, these dividers, having a measurement uncertainty better than 20 µV/V, can be used to calibrate other reference measurement systems.

During September 2022, seven full 1200 kV calibrations were performed at customer facilities by RISE using their new high voltage direct current divider. This demonstrates that there is large interest to ensure the development of ultra-high voltage direct current grids and that the market is welcoming the new services in this area.

The project coordinator, Alf-Peter Elg (RISE), comments on the early success of the project:

“It is nice to make an early impact with this new service, well before the end of the project, clearly showing the need. Two additional voltage dividers have been developed in the project by PTB and RISE to take traceability to 1600 kV and beyond.”


This EMPIR project is co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States.


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