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Welcome to the blog section of EMN Climate and Ocean Observation; which features insights and personal perspectives about the research activities of our member institutes. Here we highlight the progress of these projects, the broader implications, and, as they arise, opportunities to engage with us for those that make and use climate and ocean measurements.

These stories complement the Climate and Ocean Observation News, promoting specific examples of advancements and impacts of research delivered within EURAMET research programmes and further activities of this European Metrology Network.


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Analysis of ocean variable measurement practice finds measurement uncertainty often misunderstood

Snapshot survey of oceanographers highlights barriers of time and cost impeding efforts to improve observation data quality and equivalence

Measures to clear the air

Partnership project contributes to improved accuracy of black carbon emissions monitoring and radiative transfer model input data

Contribution of the MetClimVOC Project to the Strategic Research Agenda of the EMN

The European Metrology Network (EMN) for Climate and Ocean Observation has defined in its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) several roadmaps intended to answer the metrological needs of the climate and ocean monitoring communities EMN Strategy. In this post, we look more closely at the roadmaps for atmospher...

Online stakeholder workshop for the Partnership project NEWSTAND on 22 November 2023

European regulations have resulted in a gradual phase-out of inefficient lighting products in mainstream markets, which has proved successful in terms of limiting energy demand but caused headaches for metrology communities. That’s because, having ceased mass production, it became uneconomic for manufacturer...

MINKE call offers researchers free high-quality oceanographic metrological support facilities

Second MINKE call accepting applications until 15 November 2023

A metrologist at sea

Metrological research comprises not just experimental work in metrology laboratories but also the development of measuring  instruments and of methods for primary measurement standards. Sometimes, metrology offers great opportunities for young researchers, even adventurous ones far beyond the day-to-day env...

Metrology: the foundation of trustworthy climate data

On 20 May 1875, representatives of 17 countries signed the Metre Convention in Paris, establishing a consistent, international system of weights and measures by defining the metre and the kilogram. For nearly 150 years, those measures, and the coherent system of other SI units that followed, have remained in...