Securing a diverse natural gas supply for Europe

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) could play a major role in diversifying Europe’s energy supply and securing a stable, greener future. EMRP project ENG03 ‘Metrology for Liquefied Natural Gas’ developed test and calibration standards, together with written standards and guidelines, to support accurate measurement of the quantity and calorific value of LNG. The results of the project lay the foundation for a metrological infrastructure which will provide industry with reliable LNG measurements and ensure fair and open trade.

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EURAMET workshops on Energy, Environment and Designated Institutes

EURAMET, together with its members, committees and task groups, regularly organises workshops on a wide variety of topics for different target groups.
EURAMET's upcoming events include workshops on Preparing for EMPIR Energy 2016 Call, Metrology for Environment or the EURAMET Workshop for Designated Institutes.
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Revolutionising cancer treatment with new radiotherapy primary standard

Cancer patients are treated with high energy X-rays to kill cancerous cells and accurate measurement of this delivered radiation dose to human tissue is indispensable. One of the aims of EMRP project 'HLT06 MRI safety' was to develop a dosimetry method for an emerging new MRI technology.
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