Beat Jeckelmann (Switzerland) is EURAMET's new Chairperson

EURAMET is delighted to announce that Dr Beat Jeckelmann, the Delegate of METAS (the Federal Institute of Metrology of Switzerland), has taken over the position of EURAMET Chairperson. He was elected by the General Assembly in 2014 and started his three year term in June 2015.

More information and an interview with EURAMET's new Chairperson can be found here >>

EMPIR Call 2015: Stage 2 Open

EURAMET e.V. announces the launch of the Stage 2 EMPIR Call. It addresses the topic areas Metrology for Health, SI Broader Scope, Pre- and Co-normative projects and Research Potential. The call for proposals for Joint Research Projects (JRPs) will close on 5th October 2015.
Further details are available at

Now open: Call for Researcher Mobility Grants

EURAMET e.V. announces the launch of the EMRP Call for Researcher Mobility Grants.
The Call opens on 6 July 2015. Closing date is: 07 September 2015, 23:59 CET.