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Metrology for efficient and safe innovative lighting

Short Name: MESaIL, Project Number: ENG62
Light Emitting Diode

Innovative lighting: New measurements for solid state lighting

The electricity generation sector is the largest contributor to global CO2 emissions, and lighting consumes one fifth of produced electricity. Household energy consumption decreased by 1.2 % per dwelling per year in Europe since 2005 driven by ecodesign regulations that promoted the use of more energy efficient systems such as light emitting diodes (LEDs) found in solid state lighting (SSL). However, measurement techniques to assess safety, efficiency, lifetime and illumination are not applicable to the latest generation of SSL products which often have distinct characteristics and large or curved areas. This has restricted the uptake of new technologies by the market and the ability of manufacturers to support performance claims.


This project developed new measurement capabilities and standards applicable to emerging SSL products. This project builds on the outcomes from the EMRP project Metrology for efficient and safe innovative lighting.


The project:

  • Developed a multiple transfer standard (MTS) – a single standard device that mimics the light characteristics of a range of commercial lighting products.
  • Developed an electrical reference standard (eMTS) that simulates the voltage and current of up to eight different SSL lamps and one incandescent lamp.
  • Developed a unique Impedance Stabilisation Network (ISN) a test device used to account for measurement ‘noise’ generated from SSL products and improve measurements of SSL products with a variety of AC sources.
  • Developed new models and methods to determine reliability and lifetimes of LED-based SSL products.


Delivering impact
Application of the developed measurement standards will enable lighting manufacturers to overcome previous measurement errors caused when the properties of the device under test differ from the transfer standard used. The MTS, used for transferring a single calibration value and characterising test setups for LED measurements, is under consideration for mass production by Osram, a major producer of lighting products. The project also provided input to the development of a new documentary standard EN 13032-4:2015, that specifies the requirements for measurements of electrical, photometric, and colorimetric quantities of LED lamps, LED modules and LED luminaires, for operation with AC or DC supply voltages.


This new set of tools enables lighting producers to validate performance claims for new generations of lighting products, allowing them to demonstrate adherence to European regulations.


Coordinator: Dongsheng Zhao (VSL)

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Phone: +44 20 8943 6666


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Other Participants
Inmetro Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Qualidade e Tecnologia (Brazil)
OSRAM GmbH (Germany)


2014 - 2017
Researcher Grants