The list shows all projects coordinated within the Technical Committee for Time and Frequency.

Projects TC-TF

Reg. No.
Coordinating Institute
Collaboration Type
TF 1017 2008-01-10 Workshop for EURAMET T&F laboratories METAS completed Consultation
TF 651 2002-04-01 Ultra-sensitive short-term frequency and phase stability measurement ÚFE/IPE completed Research
TF 531 2006-04-16 Traceability of computer synchronised using Network Time Protocol to national timing centers ROA completed Research
TF 1146 2010-04-01 Time Transfer using Optical Fiber Links ÚFE/IPE in progress Research
TF 1288 2013-10-16 Time interval comparison Pilot Study MIRS completed Comparison
TF 860 2005-04-11 Time comparison using transportable Cs-clock MIKES completed Comparison
TF 169 1988-07-01 Synchronization of time using telecommunication satellites INRIM completed Comparison
TF 1018 2008-01-10 Survey of GNSS receivers in use for time transfer in T&F labs METAS completed Research
TF 1117 2009-05-12 Survey of European countries' legal time regulations and practices MIRS/SIQ/Metrology completed Consultation
TF 1485 2019-04-01 Supplementary Comparison: Time Interval Measurements GUM in progress Comparison EURAMET.TF-S1
TF 321 1995-03-07 Stability Characteristics of Measurement Systems for Frequency and Time Comparisons BEV completed Research
TF 1130 2010-04-01 Preparation of a EURAMET guideline for the assessment of calibration laboratories using GPS signals for frequency and time traceability NPL completed Research
TF 242 Optical and Microwave frequencies in the scale of Hydrogen completed Research
TF 847 2005-06-01 Metrology applications of dual-mixer time-difference multiplication ÚFE/IPE completed Research
TF 89 1988-09-01 International time comparison BEV completed Research
TF 1156 2010-06-01 GPS link calibrations in support of CCTF-K001.UTC ROA in progress Research
TF 1152 2010-04-01 GNSS receiver performance monitoring GUM in progress Research
TF 828 2004-12-23 EUROMET supplementary comparison TF.TI-K1 Comparison of time interval (cable delay) measurement MIRS completed Comparison
TF 179 1990-01-01 Cs-beam frequency standard with magnetic state selection METAS completed Research
TF 584 2000-03-01 Cooperation on Galileo programme by European time and frequency centres ROA completed Research
TF 1118 2010-04-01 Cooperation of European NMIs t&f laboratories in EMRP/A169 project calls MIRS/SIQ/Metrology completed Research
TF 529 1999-11-01 Comparison of the GPS time scale locally generated by NBS type receivers using a travelling standard ROA completed Research
TF 16 1989-04-01 Automatic clock data acquisition and time scale computation METAS completed Research
TF 731 2003-04-04 Analysis and review of CMCs in 2003 for Time and Frequency field MIRS/SIQ/Metrology completed Consultation
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