Technical Committee for Time and Frequency

The Technical Committee for Time and Frequency (TC-TF) is concerned with the discussion of technical issues which are important to industry and research in this field. The main topics addressed in projects and discussions by the TC-TF cover

  • Frequency standards
  • Time scales
  • Time and frequency comparison
  • Time dissemination
  • Measurement systems for T&F metrology
  • Space applications of T&F metrology

TC Chair

TC-TF News

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EMPIR project investigates the next generation of atomic clocks
The work of European project on atomic clocks features in videos
EMPIR project on optical clocks contributes to computation of international time
Project produces tools and data to correct for systematic frequency shifts and enable automated validation supporting redefinition of the SI second
Four EMPIR projects feature in an article in Nature Communications publication
Comparison of geographically separated ultrastable lasers, over the longest ever reported metrological optical fibre link network, measuring 2,220 km