The list shows all projects coordinated within the Technical Committee for Thermometry.

Projects TC-T

Reg. No.
Coordinating Institute
Collaboration Type
T 1022 2007-11-01 Traceability of dew/frost point temperature INRIM completed Traceabillity
T 151 1994-01-01 Provision of traceability for absolute humidity NPL completed Traceabillity
T 411 1996-10-01 Traceability in infrared radiation thermometry from -50 °C to 800 °C (TRIRAT) VSL completed Traceabillity
T 711 2003-03-31 Traceability in humidity (dew-point temperature) INTA completed Traceabillity
T 713 2003-05-01 Traceability of ITS-90 fixed points LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Traceabillity
T 729 2003-06-01 A mercury point realisation LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Traceabillity
T 869 2005-10-12 Co-operation in humidity between NMISA and MIKES MIKES completed Traceabillity
T 930 2007-04-01 Traceability of sealed fixed point cells (ITS-90) BEV completed Traceabillity
T 1128 2007-05-06 Traceability of SPRTs MIRS/UL-FE/LMK completed Traceabillity
T 1032 2008-04-01 High-range dew-point temperature realization using two-pressure generators INTA completed Research
T 1034 2008-03-25 Determination of the water vapor pressure curve, between -100 °C and 100 °C, with a very high accuracy LNE-CETIAT completed Research
T 1035 2008-09-01 Adiabatic calorimeter in the 54K-273K temperature range LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Research
T 1036 2007-06-01 Extrapolation scheme for long stem thermometers range calibration down to 77K LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Research
T 1037 2007-06-01 Study of Argon triple point devices behaviour LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Research
T 43 1988-10-31 Triple points of carbon dioxide and deuterium NPL completed Research
T 217 1990-07-01 Exchange of information on calibration procedures LNE-CETIAT completed Research
T 240 1990-04-01 Sources of uncertainty of ITS-90 fixed points between -200 C/+400 C. LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Research
T 249 1994-03-14 Training courses on temperature standards. NPL completed Research
T 260 1992-09-01 Determination of non-uniqueness of the ITS-90 in the range between the aluminium and silver freezing points INRIM completed Research
T 279 1992-12-01 Multi-compartment cells for triple points in the cryogenic range LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Research
T 280 1992-12-01 Intercomparison of Mercury point cells LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Research
T 387 1997-01-01 Workshop about Pt/Pd thermocouples behaviour LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Research
T 409 1995-03-15 The realisation of the vapour pressure of Helium-3 and Helium-4 according to the ITS-90 VSL completed Research
T 418 1997-04-01 Training course on infrared thermometry INRIM completed Research
T 440 1997-11-01 Uncertainties in Temperature Measurements. LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Research
T 501 1998-12-01 Fabrication of a new generation of cryogenic fixed points (triple points) in cells and their characterisation INRIM completed Research
T 550 1999-10-01 Novel High temperature Metal-carbon Eutectic fixed points for Radiation Thermometry, radiometry and thermocouples (HIMERT) NPL completed Research
T 624 2001-06-01 Intercomparison of Pt/Pd thermocouples calibrated at the freezing points of Cu (or Au) and Ag PTB completed Research
T 653 2002-01-01 Traceability of temperature BEV completed Research
T 658 2003-07-01 The examination of base parameters for ITS-90 scale realization in radiation thermometry NPL completed Research EUROMET.T-S1
T 715 2003-05-01 Investigation on frost point temperature scales and comparison of standards. INRIM completed Research
T 719 2003-05-01 Assessment of Traceability and CMC evaluation in Humidity METAS completed Research
T 720 2003-03-31 Humidity Expert Group MIKES completed Research
T 732 2003-06-01 Toward more accurate temperature fixed points LNE completed Research
T 733 2003-01-30 2nd International Seminar on low temperatur thermometry INTiBS completed Research
T 758 2004-01-01 Uncertainty in humidity measurements MIKES completed Research
T 770 2004-04-01 Determination of an accurate Ttp vs x(isotopic) relationship for neon INRIM completed Research
T 771 2004-07-01 Establishing and checking international comparability in calorimetry PTB completed Research
T 772 2004-06-01 Use of Heat-Pipes as new temperature standards for contact thermometry INRIM concluded Research
T 844 2005-06-01 Intercomparison of copper fixed-point cells by using Pt/Pd thermocouples PTB completed Research
T 857 2005-07-22 High temperature fixed points for improved thermocouple calibrations LNE completed Research
T 864 2005-09-01 Thermodynamic temperature measurement of high-temperature blackbodies PTB completed Research
T 872 2005-10-15 Absolute characterisation of the radiation thermometer LP3 LNE completed Research
T 885 2006-03-01 New Determinations of the Boltzmann Constant PTB completed Research
T 920 2006-11-01 Establishing scale realisation equivalence at high-temperature (2000 K) using a Pt-C eutectic point. LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Research
T 926 2006-11-01 High temperature fixed points for future temperature scale NPL completed Research
T 1065 2008-07-01 Survey & strategic planning in the field of measurement of moisture in materials NPL completed Research
T 1459 2018-06-01 Air Temperature Metrology - ATM INRIM in progress Research
T 1235 2012-11-01 Establishing and checking traceability for radiative properties of materials LNE completed Research
T 1294 2013-11-01 Circulation of Pond Eng. Ar Triple Point System K-38 VSL in progress Research
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