The list shows all projects coordinated within the Technical Committee for Thermometry.

Projects TC-T

Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
T 433 1997-08-01 Humidity calibration facilities in the dewpoint range of 0 to -75 °C completed Consultation
T 653 2002-01-01 Traceability of temperature BEV completed Research
T 930 2007-04-01 Traceability of sealed fixed point cells (ITS-90) BEV completed Traceabillity
T 1576 2023-02-01 Air Temperature Calibration System (ATCS) BEV in progress Research
T 426 1998-01-01 Intercomparison of heat flux sensors BFKH completed Comparison
T 782 2004-10-01 The advancement of technical competence of staff in upcoming laboratories in humidity BFKH completed Consultation
T 1149 2010-05-01 Comparison of surface temperature calibrations BFKH in progress Comparison
T 1447 2018-06-10 Round-Robin comparison of heat flux sensors BFKH in progress Comparison
T 1094 2008-03-01 Bilateral Comparison of Relative Humidity Calibration BIM completed Comparison
T 1095 2008-03-01 Bilateral comparison of the realizations of the ITS-90- at the fixed points of Hg, H2, Ga, In, Sn and Zn BIM completed Comparison EURAMET.T-K3.1
T 1392 2016-03-01 Comparison of the calibration of noble metal thermocouples up to 1100 ºC CEM completed Comparison EURAMET.T-S5
T 1268 2013-10-01 Comparison of the calibration of thermocouples in fixed points and/or by comparison from 419,527 ºC (freezing point of zinc) up to 1492 ºC (Pd-C eutectic fixed point) CEM completed Comparison EURAMET.T-S3
T 1015 2008-04-01 Trilateral comparison in fixed points of Zn, SN, In, Ga and Hg CMI completed Comparison
T 683 Evaluation of a national reference laboratory for Contactless-temperature measurements and primary laboratory DFM completed Consultation
T 253 1991-10-21 Comparison of temperature scales DTI completed Comparison
T 1058 2008-04-03 Bilateral Comparison of the realisations of the ITS-90 at the mercury point DTI completed Comparison
T 1332 2014-09-01 Interlaboratory comparison in the range from 420 °C to -40 °C DTI concluded Comparison
T 1033 2008-11-01 Comparison of psychrometer calibrations - Pre-study FORCE completed Comparison
T 1143 2009-03-01 Bilateral comparison in fixed points of Ag and Cu using Pt/Pd thermocouple FSB-LPM completed Comparison
T 1144 2009-03-01 Bilateral comparison in fixed points of Zn, Sn, Ga and Hg FSB-LPM completed Comparison
T 1145 2009-03-01 Bilateral comparison in fixed points of Argon FSB-LPM in progress Comparison
T 1442 2018-03-26 Relative humidity from 10 %rh to 95 %rh at temperatures from -10 °C to 50 °C FSB-LPM in progress Comparison
T 1160 2010-06-30 Developing primary dew-point standards - dew-point generators GUM completed Consultation
T 1328 2014-07-14 Comparison of the dew-point temperature in range from -50 °C to +20 °C between GUM and CMI GUM completed Comparison
T 1421 2017-06-01 Developing primary dew-point standards - dew-point generators GUM completed Consultation
T 1022 2007-11-01 Traceability of dew/frost point temperature INRIM completed Traceabillity
T 770 2004-04-01 Determination of an accurate Ttp vs x(isotopic) relationship for neon INRIM completed Research
T 1459 2018-06-01 Air Temperature Metrology - ATM INRIM in progress Research
T 119 1989-01-01 Gas and vapour-pressure thermometry between 1 and 25K INRIM completed Comparison
T 260 1992-09-01 Determination of non-uniqueness of the ITS-90 in the range between the aluminium and silver freezing points INRIM completed Research
T 418 1997-04-01 Training course on infrared thermometry INRIM completed Research
T 453 1998-02-01 Realisation of a radiometric temperature scale at UME in the middle temperature range INRIM completed Consultation
T 501 1998-12-01 Fabrication of a new generation of cryogenic fixed points (triple points) in cells and their characterisation INRIM completed Research
T 715 2003-05-01 Investigation on frost point temperature scales and comparison of standards. INRIM completed Research
T 772 2004-06-01 Use of Heat-Pipes as new temperature standards for contact thermometry INRIM concluded Research
T 895 2006-05-15 Bilateral comparison of water triple point cells INRIM completed Comparison
T 1241 2012-09-24 Training in temperature and humidity measurements INRIM completed Consultation
T 1457 2018-09-01 Comparison of measurement parameters required in radiance temperature scale realization from 156 °C to 1100 °C INRIM in progress Comparison EURAMET.T-S7
T 1032 2008-04-01 High-range dew-point temperature realization using two-pressure generators INTA completed Research
T 711 2003-03-31 Traceability in humidity (dew-point temperature) INTA completed Traceabillity
T 1352 2015-10-01 Comparison of the realisations of the relative humidity in the range from 10% to 95% at temperatures from -40 °C to 20 °C INTA in progress Comparison
T 733 2003-01-30 2nd International Seminar on low temperatur thermometry INTiBS completed Research
T 916 2006-09-01 Bilateral comparison of mercury triple point cells INTiBS completed Comparison
T 391 1996-11-15 Intercomparison of the freezing point of Indium JV completed Comparison EUROMET.T-S2
T 1422 2017-06-15 Bilateral comparison of ITS-90 SPRT calibration from the Hg TP to the Zn FP JV completed Comparison EURAMET.T-K9.1
T 476 1999-01-01 High Temperature calibration facilities in the range from 960 °C to 2000 °C LNE completed Consultation
T 516 1999-01-01 Intercomparison of total hemispherical and normal spectral emissivity measurements LNE completed Comparison
T 732 2003-06-01 Toward more accurate temperature fixed points LNE completed Research
T 857 2005-07-22 High temperature fixed points for improved thermocouple calibrations LNE completed Research
T 872 2005-10-15 Absolute characterisation of the radiation thermometer LP3 LNE completed Research
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