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Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
M 1603 2024-05-01 Key comparison of absolute gravimeters VÚGTK in progress Comparison EURAMET.M.G-K2.2023
M 1662 2024-05-01 Finalisation of the draft "Guideline on the Calibration of Automatic Gravimetric Filling Instruments" MIRS in progress Consultation
MC 1621 2024-04-22 Supplementary comparison for critical elements in Li-ion battery black mass LNE in progress Comparison
M 1620 2024-04-22 Guidelines for the traceability and uncertainty evaluation in absolute gravity measurements INRIM in progress Consultation
F 1617 2024-03-19 Supplementary comparison: Calibration of volumetric and piston operating instruments IPQ in progress Comparison
Q 1574 2024-03-18 On-site visits by peers - Remote peer reviews of VINS VINS completed Consultation
F 1616 2024-03-11 Bilateral hybrid comparison: High flow rate water - 150 t/h to 1200 t/h VSL in progress Comparison
Q 1612 2024-03-01 Initial on-site peer review of STUK Measurement and Analysis laboratory STUK completed Consultation
MC 1618 2024-03-01 Bilateral comparison of analytical capabilities for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) gas mixtures LNE in progress Comparison
Q 1614 2024-02-01 On-site peer review of FGI-GG National Standard Laboratory for acceleration of free fall INRIM in progress Consultation
MC 1619 2024-02-01 Key comparison on Borate Buffer GUM in progress Comparison EURAMET.QM-K19.2018
Q 1615 2024-01-23 Peer review of calibration and measurement capabilities in the field of electrical quantities LNE in progress Consultation
M 1601 2024-01-15 Pilot study: Comparison of dynamic pressure measurements PTB in progress Comparison
M 1607 2024-01-10 Hybrid bilateral comparison in viscosity determination PTB in progress Comparison
Q 1605 2024-01-02 On-site peer review of DPM (Albania) EIM in progress Consultation
F 1608 2024-01-02 Calibration of micropipettes using the air displacement method IPQ in progress Research
F 1604 2024-01-01 Revision of EURAMET Calibration Guide No. 19 'Guidelines on the Determination of Uncertainty in Gravimetric Volume Calibration' MIRS in progress Consultation
T 1610 2024-01-01 Consultation on humidity standards and provision of traceability to LACOMET INRIM in progress Consultation
PR 1611 2024-01-01 Traceability of the GAW-PFR reference Precision Filter Radiometers to the SI PMOD/WRC ongoing Traceabillity
F 1590 2023-12-23 Supplementary comparison: Intercomparison of calibration of a rotary piston gas meter G650 CMI in progress Comparison EURAMET.M.FF-S20
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