Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
M 1585 2022-11-01 Bilateral supplementary comparison in high gauge pressure up to 1 GPa CMI in progress Comparison
T 1586 2023-05-15 Hybrid Comparison - Air temperature sensors INRIM completed Comparison
F 1587 2023-05-09 Bilateral comparison of volume using a 100 mL pycnometer VSL in progress Comparison
EM, TF 1589 2023-05-01 Pilot Study: Comparison of Phase Noise Measurements LNE-LTFB in progress Comparison
F 1590 2023-12-23 Supplementary comparison: Intercomparison of calibration of a rotary piston gas meter G650 CMI in progress Comparison EURAMET.M.FF-S20
IR 1591 2023-09-11 Supplementary comparison - Third interlaboratory comparison of radionuclide calibrators FTMC in progress Comparison EURAMET.RI(II)-S9
IR 1593 2023-09-01 Pilot study for metrologically underpinning secondary laboratory intercomparisons and to quick-check existing CMC entries PTB in progress Comparison
L 1594 2023-01-01 Pilot Study on calibration of micro-nanoscale 3D standards PTB in progress Comparison
M 1597 2023-10-16 Force subsequent key comparison (50 kN and 100 kN) INRIM in progress Comparison EURAMET.M.F-K2.a
T 1600 2023-09-01 Hybrid comparison of measurements from -196 °C to 0.01 °C MIRS/UL-FE/LMK in progress Comparison
M 1601 2024-01-15 Pilot study: Comparison of dynamic pressure measurements PTB in progress Comparison
F 1602 2023-12-01 Bilateral comparison of calibration of small volume instruments IPQ completed Comparison
M 1603 2024-05-01 Key comparison of absolute gravimeters VÚGTK in progress Comparison EURAMET.M.G-K2.2023
M 1607 2024-01-10 Hybrid bilateral comparison in viscosity determination PTB in progress Comparison
F 1613 2023-11-01 Pilot study for comparison of flow quantities on microfluidic transfer standards LNE-CETIAT in progress Comparison
F 1616 2024-03-11 Bilateral hybrid comparison: High flow rate water - 150 t/h to 1200 t/h VSL in progress Comparison
F 1617 2024-03-19 Supplementary comparison: Calibration of volumetric and piston operating instruments IPQ in progress Comparison
MC 1618 2024-03-01 Bilateral comparison of analytical capabilities for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) gas mixtures LNE in progress Comparison
MC 1619 2024-02-01 Key comparison on Borate Buffer GUM in progress Comparison EURAMET.QM-K19.2018
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