Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
L 255 1991-12-19 Workshop on calibration and testing of laserinterferomters, 11/12 March 1992, Berlin PTB completed Consultation
IR 298 1993-12-01 Workshop on calorimetry as the basis for radiation Dosimetry NPL completed Research
L 227 1990-03-23 Workshop on co-ordinate measuring technology NPL completed Research
T 774 2004-10-01 Workshop on methods for new determinations of the Boltzmann constant PTB completed Consultation
L 807 2005-04-04 Workshop on Micro Coordinate Measuring Machines (µCMM) METAS completed Research
L 207 1990-02-20 Workshop on Optical Frequency/Wavelength Standards PTB completed Consultation
IM 661 2002-05-31 Workshop on Prioritisation in Metrology UME completed Research
M 310 1994-12-07 Workshop on statement of uncertainty of force standard machines LNE completed Consultation
L 289 1993-09-21 Workshop on traceable measurement of surface texture, September 21-22 1993, London NPL completed Research
M 281 1992-12-01 Workshop on training activities LNE completed Consultation
L 283 1994-11-01 Workshop on uncertainty in dimensional metrology VSL completed Consultation
L 622 2001-10-01 Workshop on uncertainty in length measurements METAS completed Research
L 378 1996-05-01 Workshop on Wavelength Standards, May 6 and 7 1996, Paris LNE completed Consultation
T 1250 2012-10-01 Workshop Uncertainties in Radiometric Temperature Measurements at INRIM 12 October 2012 LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Consultation
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