Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
MC 424 1997-08-01 Intercomparison of primary standard measurement devices for pH PTB completed Comparison
F 425 1997-09-01 Intercomparison of Bell Provers using a transfer meter NEL completed Comparison
T 426 1998-01-01 Intercomparison of heat flux sensors BFKH completed Comparison
EM 427 1998-01-05 Comparison of AC and DC conductivity standards NPL completed Comparison EUROMET.EM-S7
EM 429 1998-01-01 Comparison of 10 V DC reference standards. VSL completed Comparison EUROMET.EM.BIPM-K11
MC 430 1997-10-01 Harmonisation of air quality measurements in Europe (HAMAQ) NPL completed Comparison
EM 434 1997-07-01 Bilateral indirect comparison of 10 V Josephson array voltage standards SMU completed Comparison
M 441 1996-01-01 A Bi-Lateral Comparison of a 0.5 gram to 0.001 gram Weight Set. NPL completed Comparison
M 442 1997-10-01 EUROMET key comparison in the low pressure range 1 x 10^-7 Pa to 1000 Pa LNE completed Comparison EUROMET.M.P-K1.a
PR 443 1997-09-01 Comparison of Ultraviolet Power Meters LNE in progress Comparison EURAMET.PR-S4
PR 444 1997-09-01 Comparison of luminance meters NPL concluded Comparison
M 445 2006-05-23 Comparison of Mass Standards in Multiples and Submultiples of the Kilogramm RISE completed Comparison EUROMET.M.M-K2
EM 446 1998-12-01 Intercomparison of Low Frequency Magnetic Flux Density by means of Transfer Standards PTB completed Comparison EUROMET.EM.M-K1
EM 449 1998-10-01 Intercomparison of DC voltage ratios up to 1000 V INRIM completed Comparison EUROMET.EM-K8
F 452 1998-02-01 Comparison on Uncertainty Calculations in Flow Calibration RISE completed Comparison
M 455 1998-01-01 Intercomparison in the pressure range 50 - 350 kPa MIKES completed Comparison
L 456 1998-03-01 Comparison of angle gauges GUM completed Comparison
EM 458 1998-10-01 Intercomparison of EMC Antenna Factors in the frequency range 30 MHz to 2 GHz NPL completed Comparison
M 461 1998-09-01 Comparison of 500 kg mass standard CMI completed Comparison EUROMET.M.M-S1
L 462 1997-11-03 Intercomparison of 127 I_2 stabilised 633 nm He-Ne lasers locked by 5th harmonic method MIKES completed Comparison
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