Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
F 1004 2007-07-20 Bilateral comparison of a 500 µl micropipette IPQ completed Comparison
L 728 2003-05-01 Bilateral comparison of a 420mm x 420mm CMM ball plate. NSAI NML completed Research
F 1136 2009-12-01 Bilateral comparison of a 1000 microlitre micropipette IPQ completed Comparison
F 793 2004-06-01 Bilateral comparison of a 100 ml Gay-Lussac Pycnometer IPQ completed Comparison
EM 1323 2014-05-10 Bilateral comparison of 3 resistance standards - 1 milli-ohm, 100 ohms and 100 megaohms LNE completed Comparison EURAMET.EM-S40
M 1198 2011-06-01 Bilateral comparison of 20g, 500g, 10 kg standards provided by EIM BoM completed Comparison EURAMET.M.M-K2.3
M 1228 2012-07-11 Bilateral comparison of 20 kg mass standard provided by DMDM DMDM completed Comparison EURAMET.M.M-S6
M 1029 2007-07-01 Bilateral comparison of 1 kg stainless steel weights MIRS completed Comparison EUROMET.M.M-K4.1
M 537 1999-06-01 Bilateral comparison linking to CCM key comparison in the pressure range up to 7 MPa CMI completed Comparison
T 1583 2023-04-24 Bilateral comparison in the freezing point of zinc between BEV and SMU SMU in progress Comparison
M 834 2005-06-15 Bilateral comparison in the field of pressure measurement UME completed Comparison
M 1206 2011-11-02 Bilateral comparison in the barometric absolute pressure range 800 to 1100 hPa MIKES completed Comparison
AUV 1464 2018-12-19 Bilateral comparison in primary calibration of accelerometers GUM completed Comparison EURAMET.AUV.V-K2
M 1376 2015-09-01 Bilateral comparison in low gauge pressure 100 Pa to 3,5 kPa GUM concluded Comparison
L 1320 2014-06-23 Bilateral comparison in linescale LNE completed Comparison EURAMET.L-K7.2014
AUV 1062 2009-03-01 Bilateral comparison in hydrophone calibration up to 50 MHz PTB completed Comparison
M 1375 2015-09-01 Bilateral comparison in high gauge pressure 250 MPa GUM in progress Comparison EURAMET.M.P-S16
T 1144 2009-03-01 Bilateral comparison in fixed points of Zn, Sn, Ga and Hg FSB-LPM completed Comparison
T 1145 2009-03-01 Bilateral comparison in fixed points of Argon FSB-LPM in progress Comparison
T 1143 2009-03-01 Bilateral comparison in fixed points of Ag and Cu using Pt/Pd thermocouple FSB-LPM completed Comparison
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