Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
IM 661 2002-05-31 Workshop on Prioritisation in Metrology UME completed Research
EM 680 Microwave Power Comparison with Micro-calorimeter UME concluded Comparison
EM 681 Bilateral comparison on Power Measurements Between UME and PTB UME completed Research
EM 687 2002-12-01 AC Power Measurements at 50 Hz (follow up to project 385) UME completed Comparison EUROMET.EM-K5.1
EM 688 2003-03-01 Bilateral comparison of the Measurement of Current Transformers Between UME and NCM UME completed Comparison EUROMET.EM-S19
AUV 736 2003-04-01 Bilateral comparison of ultrasonic power standards UME completed Research
M 834 2005-06-15 Bilateral comparison in the field of pressure measurement UME completed Comparison
M 838 2005-06-20 Bilateral comparison of Force Standard Machines UME completed Comparison
M 861 2005-08-10 Comparison of standards in the pressure range 0,04 to 1,75 MPa UME completed Comparison EUROMET.M.P-S4
M 1091 2009-03-01 Comparison in the range (50 to 500) MPa of liquid pressure UME completed Comparison EURAMET.M.P-K13
T 1098 2009-02-01 Comparison of the realisations of the ITS-90 over the range of 83.8058 K to 692.677 K UME concluded Comparison EURAMET.T-K3.2
EM 1381 2016-11-01 Comparison for Ultra-low DC Current Sources UME completed Comparison EURAMET.EM-S44
T 1137 2009-11-15 Bilateral comparison of the dew point temperature between TUBITAK UME and NIS UME completed Comparison
F 1233 2012-08-01 Intercomparison of water flow meter reference standard UME completed Comparison
F 1162 2010-10-20 Intercomparison of Water Meter Reference Standard UME concluded Comparison
T 1164 2010-10-11 Exercise Comparison of Platinum Resistance Thermometer UME completed Consultation
M 1197 2011-06-01 Bilateral comparison of pressure in the range of 0 MPa to 50 MPa UME completed Comparison
Q 1231 2012-06-01 On-site peer review of EIM QMS UME completed Consultation
L 1237 2012-08-01 Calibration of Short Gauge Blocks by Mechanical Comparison UME completed Consultation
Q 1238 2012-10-01 On-site peer review of quality management system with respect to requirements of ISO Guide 34 UME completed Consultation
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