Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
L 1068 2008-11-01 TC-L initiative to archive data of Key and Supplementary comparisons BEV completed Research
IM 1078 2008-11-01 Development of methods for the evaluation of uncertainty in dynamic measurements PTB concluded Research
IM 1086 2008-12-13 Project management and supervision METAS completed Research
L 1087 2008-09-29 Average diameter of polymer particles with spherical form JV completed Research
L 1088 2008-10-01 Towards truly 3D metrology for advanced micro-parts VSL completed Research
AUV 1099 2009-09-01 Investigation of measurement methods for the essential properties of ultrasonic cleaning systems NPL concluded Research
IR 1104 2009-07-01 Comparison of the neutron spectra of reference neutron sources for the improvement of the ISO 8529 Standard series NPL completed Research
TF 1118 2010-04-01 Cooperation of European NMIs t&f laboratories in EMRP/A169 project calls MIRS/SIQ/Metrology completed Research
AUV 1108 2009-05-01 Comparison of measurement techniques for the determination of ultrasonic power of high-intensity ultrasound transducers PTB completed Research
T 1459 2018-06-01 Air Temperature Metrology - ATM INRIM in progress Research
M 1110 2009-06-01 Determination of magnetic properties of mass standards PTB completed Research
L 1105 2009-06-29 Bilateral comparison on micro-CMM artefacts METAS completed Research
L 1124 2007-02-01 Comparison of Type F2 Software Measurement Standards for Surface Texture NPL completed Research
M 1125 2009-10-01 Evaluation of cross-float measurements with pressure balances LNE completed Research
TF 1130 2010-04-01 Preparation of a EURAMET guideline for the assessment of calibration laboratories using GPS signals for frequency and time traceability NPL completed Research
TF 1146 2010-04-01 Time Transfer using Optical Fiber Links ÚFE/IPE in progress Research
M 1151 2010-02-12 Bilateral low absolute pressure comparison between MIKES and VNIIM MIKES completed Research
TF 1152 2010-04-01 GNSS receiver performance monitoring GUM ongoing Research
TF 1156 2010-06-01 GPS link calibrations in support of CCTF-K001.UTC ROA ongoing Research
F 1158 2010-03-01 Harmonization of the uncertainty budget and calibration method for volumetric volume calibration MIRS completed Research
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