Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
M 858 2005-01-01 Hydrostatic weighing – exchange of experiences IPQ completed Research
T 864 2005-09-01 Thermodynamic temperature measurement of high-temperature blackbodies PTB completed Research
L 866 2006-01-01 Interferometric calibration of microdisplacement actuators INRIM completed Research
L 868 2004-01-01 Tip sample interactions in scanning probe microscopy NPL completed Research
T 872 2005-10-15 Absolute characterisation of the radiation thermometer LP3 LNE completed Research
T 885 2006-03-01 New Determinations of the Boltzmann Constant PTB completed Research
M 887 2006-04-01 Guidance on uncertainty calculations for force calibrations NPL completed Research
MC 893 2006-05-01 Metrology infrastructure for airborne nanoparticles NPL completed Research
MC 894 2006-06-01 SERS based metrology at a primary level PTB completed Research
PR 896 2006-04-01 Laser-based radiometry for large-area detectors, luminance standards and spectroradiometers PTB completed Research
M 911 2006-07-01 Study of standard leaks performance for different gas, in the transition regime INRIM completed Research
T 920 2006-11-01 Establishing scale realisation equivalence at high-temperature (2000 K) using a Pt-C eutectic point. LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Research
T 926 2006-11-01 High temperature fixed points for future temperature scale NPL completed Research
MC 934 2007-10-01 Gas metrology by calibration-free infrared laser-spectrometry as a potential primary method (Traceable IR laser-spectrometric amount fraction measurements, TILSAM) PTB completed Research
T 1065 2008-07-01 Survey & strategic planning in the field of measurement of moisture in materials NPL completed Research
L 1068 2008-11-01 TC-L initiative to archive data of Key and Supplementary comparisons BEV completed Research
IM 1078 2008-11-01 Development of methods for the evaluation of uncertainty in dynamic measurements PTB concluded Research
IM 1086 2008-12-13 Project management and supervision METAS completed Research
L 1087 2008-09-29 Average diameter of polymer particles with spherical form JV completed Research
L 1088 2008-10-01 Towards truly 3D metrology for advanced micro-parts VSL completed Research
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