Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
F 799 2004-07-01 Technical characteristics and calibration capabilities of testing facilities for big water meters in Europe - Establishment of a data base BEV completed Research
F 800 2004-09-01 The Harmonization of Reference Values for High-Pressure Natural Gas Volume VSL completed Research
M 803 2004-08-20 FPG-type digital piston manometer – exchange of experiences MIKES completed Research
L 807 2005-04-04 Workshop on Micro Coordinate Measuring Machines (µCMM) METAS completed Research
EM 817 2004-10-01 Metrological applications of single-electron transport NPL completed Research
EM 840 2005-01-15 Reference standards for ac-dc voltage and current transfer RISE completed Research
MC 843 2005-04-01 Recommendations for the calibration and evaluation of pH on site measuring instruments LNE completed Research
T 844 2005-06-01 Intercomparison of copper fixed-point cells by using Pt/Pd thermocouples PTB completed Research
TF 847 2005-06-01 Metrology applications of dual-mixer time-difference multiplication ÚFE/IPE completed Research
EM 848 2005-06-01 Binary Josephson Array Power Standard PTB completed Research
F 854 2003-07-01 Installation effects with decrease the accuracy of water measurements BEV completed Research
EM 856 2005-07-01 Study and validation of Quantum Hall Array Resistance Standards (QHARS) LNE completed Research
T 857 2005-07-22 High temperature fixed points for improved thermocouple calibrations LNE completed Research
M 858 2005-01-01 Hydrostatic weighing – exchange of experiences IPQ completed Research
T 864 2005-09-01 Thermodynamic temperature measurement of high-temperature blackbodies PTB completed Research
L 866 2006-01-01 Interferometric calibration of microdisplacement actuators INRIM completed Research
L 868 2004-01-01 Tip sample interactions in scanning probe microscopy NPL completed Research
T 872 2005-10-15 Absolute characterisation of the radiation thermometer LP3 LNE completed Research
T 885 2006-03-01 New Determinations of the Boltzmann Constant PTB completed Research
M 887 2006-04-01 Guidance on uncertainty calculations for force calibrations NPL completed Research
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