Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
T 733 2003-01-30 2nd International Seminar on low temperatur thermometry INTiBS completed Research
M 734 2003-04-01 Study of materials for the realisation of mass standards LNE completed Research
AUV 736 2003-04-01 Bilateral comparison of ultrasonic power standards UME completed Research
M 740 2004-01-01 Effective area calculation, uncertainty evaluation and studies for piston-cylinder units of non-ideal geometries used in pressure balances (extended pressure range) INRIM completed Research
PR 741 2003-10-15 Realization and transfer of the candela and the lumen at INM according to CIPM recommendations LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Research
M 742 2003-08-15 A bilateral comparison of a 1 kg platinum standard DFM completed Research
L 744 2003-11-01 Studies on the acoustic method for determination of the effective air temperature and refractive index of air MIKES completed Research
IR 749 2004-01-01 Alpha-particle emission probabilities and energies in the decay of 240Pu JRC-Geel completed Research
EM 756 2003-12-02 Synthesis of arbitrary waveforms using the Josephson effect NPL completed Research
T 758 2004-01-01 Uncertainty in humidity measurements MIKES completed Research
MC 762 2004-01-28 NMIs and delegated laboratories represented in EUROMET/METCHEM completed Research
L 767 Exchange of experience in length calibration and proficiency testing DFM completed Research
T 770 2004-04-01 Determination of an accurate Ttp vs x(isotopic) relationship for neon INRIM completed Research
T 771 2004-07-01 Establishing and checking international comparability in calorimetry PTB completed Research
T 772 2004-06-01 Use of Heat-Pipes as new temperature standards for contact thermometry INRIM concluded Research
PR 776 2003-01-01 High Power Fibre Optic Calibration RISE completed Research
AUV 790 2005-10-01 Specification of requirements for the calibration of impedance heads for measurements on mechanical couplers NPL completed Research
AUV 791 2005-05-31 Measurement of the acoustical impedance of artificial ears NPL completed Research
AUV 792 2005-05-30 Investigation of methods of secondary free-field calibration of working standard microphones NPL completed Research
L 795 2004-11-01 Bilateral comparison on laser frequency calibration BEV concluded Research
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