Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
T 782 2004-10-01 The advancement of technical competence of staff in upcoming laboratories in humidity BFKH completed Consultation
IR 813 2005-02-28 Comparison of air kerma and absorbed dose to water measurements of Co-60 radiation in radiotherapy BFKH completed Comparison EUROMET.RI(I)-K1
T 1149 2010-05-01 Comparison of surface temperature calibrations BFKH in progress Comparison
IR 1200 2011-08-01 Comparison of air kerma measurements of the medium energy X-ray radiation in radiation protection measurements BFKH completed Comparison -
T 1447 2018-06-10 Round-Robin comparison of heat flux sensors BFKH in progress Comparison
EM 1500 2020-03-11 Bilateral key comparison of AC/DC transfer standard at low voltages BIM completed Comparison EURAMET.EM-K11.1
PR 1073 2008-09-01 Bilateral comparison on Spectral regular transmittance BIM completed Comparison EURAMET.PR-K6.2
EM 1081 2008-10-01 Comparison of the measurements of current transformers BIM completed Comparison EURAMET.EM-S30
T 1094 2008-03-01 Bilateral comparison of Relative Humidity Calibration BIM completed Comparison
T 1095 2008-03-01 Bilateral comparison of the realizations of the ITS-90- at the fixed points of Hg, H2, Ga, In, Sn and Zn BIM completed Comparison EURAMET.T-K3.1
M 1097 2008-09-01 Bilateral comparison on Force measurement at: 0 kN, 5 kN, 10 kN BIM concluded Comparison
Q 1191 2011-04-01 On-site peer review BoM BoM completed Consultation
M 1198 2011-06-01 Bilateral comparison of 20g, 500g, 10 kg standards provided by EIM BoM completed Comparison EURAMET.M.M-K2.3
Q 1123 2009-10-01 On-site peer review CEM, INRIM and IPQ CEM ongoing Consultation
L 588 2000-04-01 Traceability of surveying and geadetic instruments CEM completed Research
AUV 750 2003-07-01 Bilateral comparison on primary pressure calibration of LS1P and LS2P microphones. CEM completed Comparison
L 777 2004-05-17 Step gauge calibration CEM completed Comparison EUROMET.L-K5.2004
MC 880 2003-04-01 Bilateral comparison of vehicle emission standards CEM completed Comparison
MC 883 2005-11-01 Comparison of multi-component vehicle emission standards CEM completed Traceabillity "EUROMET.QM-S3
M 1205 2011-12-01 Review of EURAMET Calibration Guideline No. 18: Guidelines on the Calibration of Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments CEM completed Consultation
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