Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
EM 473 1998-12-01 Comparison of the measurement of current transformers (CTs) NPL completed Comparison EUROMET.EM-S11
EM 427 1998-01-05 Comparison of AC and DC conductivity standards NPL completed Comparison EUROMET.EM-S7
M 1432 2018-04-16 Comparison of Absolute Gravimeters, Wettzell, Germany 2018 VÚGTK completed Comparison EURAMET.M.G-K3
L 777 2004-05-17 Step gauge calibration CEM completed Comparison EUROMET.L-K5.2004
M 788 2004-03-20 Pressure Measurements and Calculation of the Effective Area of a Transfer Piston-Cylinder Assembly from 0.05 to 1 MPa METAS completed Comparison EUROMET.M.P-S1
M 931 2007-04-01 Comparison of the pressure distortion coefficients of the LNE and PTB 1 GPa piston-cylinder assemblies PTB completed Comparison EURAMET.M.P-S5
L 882 2006-02-01 Calibration of line scales EUROMET.L-K7 MIRS/UM-FS/LTM completed Comparison EUROMET.L-K7.2006
M 881 2005-07-01 Comparison in the range 50 MPa to 500 MPa MIKES completed Comparison EURAMET.M.P-K7
IR 1292 2014-01-01 Sm-151 activity measurement LNE-LNHB completed Comparison EURAMET.RI(II)-S7.Sm-151
L 743 2004-05-15 EURAMET key comparison, CMM 2-D Artifact: Ball Plate PTB completed Comparison EUROMET.L-K6
PR 1412 2016-04-01 Key comparison on spectral regular transmittance LNE-LCM/CNAM in progress Comparison EURAMET.PR-K6.2015
F 1180 2010-01-01 Comparison of the Primary (National) Standards of low-pressure Gas Flow SMU completed Comparison EURAMET.M.FF-K6
PR 823 2004-10-15 Comparison of luminous intensity and luminous flux using lamps as transfer standardsof Ultraviolet Power Meters LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Comparison EURAMET.PR-K3.a.1
M 1428 2018-09-01 Comparison of torque standards from 100 N⋅m to 5000 N⋅m LNE in progress Comparison EURAMET.M.T-S5
PR 766 2004-03-15 Bilateral comparison of spectral regular transmittance LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Comparison EURAMET.PR-K6.1"
EM 429 1998-01-01 Comparison of 10 V DC reference standards. VSL completed Comparison EUROMET.EM.BIPM-K11
EM 688 2003-03-01 Bilateral comparison of the Measurement of Current Transformers Between UME and NCM UME completed Comparison EUROMET.EM-S19
EM 449 1998-10-01 Intercomparison of DC voltage ratios up to 1000 V INRIM completed Comparison EUROMET.EM-K8
M 1252 2013-06-01 Comparison in the range of 10 MPa to 100 MPa of liquid pressure UME completed Comparison EURAMET.M.P-S13
F 1225 2013-01-31 Intercomparison of very low air speed standard facilities (0.05-1m/s) BEV/E+E completed Comparison EURAMET.M.FF-S9
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