Subject Reg. No. Starting TITLE Coordinating Institute Status Collaboration Type KCDB
M 499 1998-03-01 Bulletin-board of concerns, problems and experiences in Pressure Metrology VSL completed Research
F 514 1999-02-01 Intercomparison of anemometer test facilities using thermal anemometers and mechanical anemometers VSL completed Comparison EUROMET.M.FF-S4
IM 517 2000-11-01 Implementing QSs in the NMIs of EUROMET members, compliant with ISO/IEC 17025 and consistent with requirements of CIPM's MRA VSL completed Research
EM 521 1999-09-16 Meeting on Single electron tunneling and quantum current standards VSL completed Consultation
MC 589 2000-02-01 Standards and calibration facilities for reactive gases VSL completed Consultation
EM 594 2000-03-01 PRAQIII Intercomparison of electrical measurements VSL completed Comparison
EM 633 2001-09-01 Comparison on determining the calibration factor of thermistor mounts (up to 18 GHz) VSL completed Comparison EUROMET.EM.RF-K8.CL
MC 638 2001-10-01 Comparison of standards and calibration facilities for NO measurements VSL completed Traceabillity EUROMET.QM-K1.c
EM 631 2001-10-01 Electrical nanometrology VSL completed Research
MC 632 2001-10-01 Study on electrolytic conductivity measurements VSL completed Research
EM 645 2001-12-01 QHE resistanhce standard with DVM and JAVS readout VSL completed Research
T 655 2002-01-01 Bilateral intercomparison of the calibration of type S thermocouples in the fixed points of Zn, Al, Ag and Au VSL completed Comparison
IM 664 2002-04-01 Internet measurement & self-calibration VSL completed Research
M 675 2002-05-01 Validation of facilities for density determination VSL completed Consultation
L 679 2002-06-01 Calibration of ring and plug gauges VSL completed Research
MC 708 2003-01-01 Equivalency of Standards and calibration facilities VSL ongoing Consultation
MC 764 2003-12-01 Standards and calibration facilities for Ammonia (NH3) VSL completed Consultation
F 800 2004-09-01 The Harmonization of Reference Values for High-Pressure Natural Gas Volume VSL completed Research
EM 818 2004-12-01 Bilateral comparison on determining the calibration factor of thermistor mounts up to 18 GHz VSL completed Comparison EUROMET.EM.RF-K8.1.CL
EM 816 2006-09-27 Intercomparison of 100 mH inductance standards VSL completed Comparison EUROMET.EM-S26
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