Reg. No.
Coordinating Institute
Collaboration Type
T 1318 2014-12-01 EURAMET.T-K9 Regional key comparison: ITS-90 SPRT Calibration from the Ar TP to the Zn FP LNE-LCM/CNAM in progress Comparison Fernando Sparasci
T 1317 2014-04-01 Bilateral comparison of the realisations of the ITS-90 at the freezing points of Al (660,323 °C) and Ag (961,78 °C) LNE-LCM/CNAM concluded Comparison Yves Hermier
M 1315 2014-09-01 Bilateral Mass comparison at 50 kg LNE completed Comparison Florian Beaudoux
Q 1313 2014-06-01 On-site visit by external technical experts in the field of ionising radiation (radionuclide activity) FTMC completed Consultation Arunas Gudelis
F 1312 2014-07-01 Development of a guide one air speed calibration solid anemometers BEV/E+E completed Consultation Dietmar Pachinger
M 1311 2014-05-12 Bilateral force comparison in compression at 10 kN and 20 kN LNE completed Comparison Philippe Averlant
M 1310 2014-02-17 Sub - milligram mass comparison NPL completed Comparison Stuart Davidson
F 1308 2014-03-17 Comparison of air speed facilities using LDAs as reference standards METAS completed Research Marc de Huu
PR 1307 2013-10-01 Bilateral comparisons on transmittance and luminous flux IO-CSIC completed Comparison Joaquin Campos-Acosta
M 1306 2013-05-01 Supplementary comparison of hydraulic gauge pressure standards from 50 MPa to 1000 MPa PTB completed Comparison Jens Könemann, PTB (Germany)
MC 1305 2014-03-01 VSL-NPL bilateral comparisons in emerging fields of gas analysis NPL completed Comparison Dave Worton
M 1304 2014-09-15 Comparison of torque standards from 0,1 N⋅m at 50 N⋅m LNE in progress Comparison Carole Duflon, LNE (France)
Q 1303 2015-10-01 On-site visits by external technical experts in the fields of electricity and magnetism, thermometry, time and frequency, pressure, mass and related quantities FTMC completed Consultation Rimantas Miškinis
AUV 1302 2014-02-01 Comparison of secondary free-field calibration of WS2 microphones LNE completed Comparison Dominique Rodrigues
F 1301 2014-01-01 EUREGA-1 PTB ongoing Research Jos van der Grinten, PTB (Germany)
M 1300 2014-01-01 Comparison of 500 kg stainless steel standard MIRS in progress Comparison Matej Grum
L 1299 2013-10-14 Follow-up of Euromet L-K4.2005 VSL completed Comparison Gerard Kotte, VSL (Netherlands)
IM 1298 2014-01-01 Future of the CIPM MRA METAS completed Consultation Christian Bock, METAS (Switzerland)
F 1297 2014-02-15 Comparison of a 50 ml pycnometer and 500 ml flask DMDM completed Comparison Ljiljana Micic
F 1296 2014-03-17 Inter-laboratory calibration comparison of a rotary piston gas meter G650 CMI completed Comparison Tomas Valenta
F 1295 2014-04-01 Guide on the calibration, operation and handling of micropipettes EIM completed Consultation Zoe Metaxiotou
T 1294 2013-11-01 Circulation of Pond Eng. Ar Triple Point System K-38 VSL in progress Research Andrea Peruzzi, VSL (Netherlands)
MC 1293 2014-02-01 Comparison of preparation and analytical capabilities for gas mixtures containing C6-C10 hydrocarbons in methane NPL concluded Comparison Lucy Culleton
IR 1292 2014-01-01 Sm-151 activity measurement LNE-LNHB completed Comparison Marie-Martine Bé, LNE-LNHB (France)
F 1291 2014-01-01 Comparison between recently developed primary standards VSL completed Comparison Maria Mirzaei, Peter Lucas, VSL (The Netherlands)
MC 1290 2014-02-01 Key comparison 1000 µmol/mol propane in nitrogen VSL completed Comparison Adriaan van der Veen
EM 1289 2013-10-16 JV AC/DC Shunt comparison JV completed Comparison Helge Malmbekk
TF 1288 2013-10-16 Time interval comparison Pilot Study MIRS completed Comparison Rado Lapuh
IR 1287 2013-04-01 Standardisation of a solution of I-129. 2012 - 2013 CIEMAT completed Comparison Eduardo García-Toraño, CIEMAT (Spain)
Q 1286 2013-11-01 Peer review of STUK STUK completed Consultation Antti Kosunen, STUK (Finland)
IR 1285 2013-03-01 Comparison of air kerma and dose to water standards for Co-60 radiation beams for radiotherapy METAS completed Comparison Christian Kottler METAS (Switzerland)
IR 1284 2013-10-01 Survey of European countries' legal regulations and practices in ionising radiation calibrations DSA completed Consultation Hans Bjerke, NRPA (Norway)
L 1283 2012-10-29 Calibration of gauge blocks by mechanical comparison DMDM completed Comparison Slobodan Zelenika
MC 1282 2013-10-01 Comparison of condensation particle counters NPL completed Comparison Paul Quincey
AUV 1281 2013-07-01 Reference data for pressure reciprocity calibration according to the standard IEC 61094-2 (2009) DFM in progress Research Salvador Barrera-Figueroa
MC 1280 2014-03-01 Establishing equivalence of TILSAM and gravimetry-based analytical capabilities (EETGRAC) PTB concluded Comparison Olav Werhahn
M 1279 2012-06-01 Comparison of 500 kg and 1000 kg weights MIKES completed Comparison Petri Koponen, MIKES (Finland)
M 1278 2012-11-01 Bilateral force and torque comparison between MIKES and PTB MIKES completed Comparison Petri Koponen, MIKES (Finland)
Q 1277 2013-06-01 Peer review of the quality management system of the mass laboratory of DPM DPM completed Consultation Majlinda Hoxha, DPM (Albania)
Q 1276 2013-06-20 On-site visits by external metrological experts LEI completed Consultation Antanas Pedisius, VMT/LEI (Lithuania)
MC 1274 2013-04-15 Supplementary comparison of preparative capabilities for automotive gas mixtures SMU completed Comparison Miroslava Valkova, SMU (Slovakia)
F 1273 2013-05-02 Comparison of a 100 ml Volumetric Flask CMI concluded Comparison Tomas Valenta
L 1272 2013-05-01 Phase correction for interferometric measurement of gauge blocks CMI completed Research Petr Balling
MC 1271 2013-02-06 Electrolytic conductivity at pure water level RISE completed Comparison Bertil Magnusson, RISE (Sweden)
F 1270 2013-04-15 Determination of exemplary dataset of spatial fluid velocity profiles and components of the turbulent Reynolds stress tensor in air and water downstream to special pipe configuration PTB ongoing Research Bodo Mickan
L 1269 2013-06-01 Comparison of high precision roundness measurements CEM completed Comparison Emilio Prieto
T 1268 2013-10-01 Comparison of the calibration of thermocouples in fixed points and/or by comparison from 419,527 ºC (freezing point of zinc) up to 1492 ºC (Pd-C eutectic fixed point) CEM completed Comparison Dolores del Campo
F 1267 2013-03-12 Harmonization of the uncertainty budgets and calibration methods for liquid flow standards LNE-CETIAT completed Research Florestan Ogheard
Q 1266 2013-03-06 On-site peer review IMBiH mass IMBiH completed Consultation Haris Memic
Q 1265 2013-06-01 Peer review of quality management system of Montenegrin Bureau of Metrology (MBM) UME completed Consultation Enver Sadikoglu
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