Reg. No.
Coordinating Institute
Collaboration Type
F 1369 2014-03-31 Bi-lateral comparison with TS of Key-Comparison CCM-FF.K2.2011 VSL completed Comparison Erik Smits
M 1368 2015-11-02 Comparison of Absolute Gravimeters, Walferdange 2015 VÚGTK completed Comparison Vojtech Pálinkás, VÚGTK (Czech Republic)
EM 1367 2015-01-26 Intercomparison of coaxial measurements up to 65 GHz in 1.85 mm coaxial line NPL completed Comparison Chris Eio, NPL (United Kingdom)
T 1366 2015-03-16 Bilateral comparison of radiation thermometers MIRS/UL-FE/LMK completed Comparison Igor Pusnik, MIRS/UL-FE/LMK (Slovenia)
L 1365 2016-01-01 Key Comparison EURAMET.L-K5.2016 Calibration of a Step Gauge NPL completed Comparison Tim Coveney, NPL (United Kingdom)
EM 1364 2015-06-01 Bilateral comparison of a DC voltage standard (Zener) between EIM and IMBiH EIM completed Comparison Myrto Holiastou
EM 1363 2015-05-01 Bilateral comparison between EIM and IMBiH in resistance EIM completed Comparison Myrto Holiastou
IR 1362 2015-05-18 Comparison of air kerma measurements for Tungsten anode based mammographic X-ray beam quantities IAEA completed Comparison Istvan Csete, IAEA (Austria)
F 1361 2015-03-20 Bilateral comparison of liquid flow facilities from 0.5 to 30 m3/h LNE-CETIAT completed Comparison Isabelle Care
PR 1359 2015-03-15 Bilateral comparison of spectral transmittance using a set of filters as transfer standards LNE concluded Comparison Jimmy Dubard
T 1358 2015-04-01 Inter-national comparison of the calibration of thermocouple by comparison in the temperature range from 0 °C to 1100 °C UME in progress Comparison Narcisa Arifovic
T 1357 2015-04-01 Inter-laboratory comparison of triple point of water (TPW) cells UME in progress Comparison Ali Uytun, UME (Turkey)
M 1356 2015-03-01 Bilateral comparison: density of mass standards (stainless steel 10 g, 20 g, 200 g, 1 kg) BEV completed Comparison Zoltan Zelenka
Q 1355 2015-03-02 On-site peer review IMBiH temperature IMBiH completed Consultation Semir Cohodarevic, IMBiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
L 1354 2015-03-01 Comparison of pocket-type laser distance measurement instruments (EDMs) CEM completed Comparison Emilio Prieto
F 1353 2015-02-06 Volume comparison on Calibration of micropipettes – Gravimetric and photometric methods IPQ completed Comparison Elsa Batista
T 1352 2015-10-01 Comparison of the realisations of the relative humidity in the range from 10% to 95% at temperatures from -40 °C to 20 °C INTA in progress Comparison Robert Benyon
MC 1351 2014-10-01 Determination of transferrin in human serum PTB completed Comparison Claudia Swart
M 1350 2015-01-20 Comparison of sub-multiples of the kilogram MIRS completed Comparison Goran Grgić, MIRS (Slovenia)
Q, T 1349 2014-10-21 Peer Review of NSAI NML's Temperature/Humidity Laboratory NSAI NML completed Consultation Dubhaltach MacLochlainn, NSAI NML (Ireland)
Q 1348 2014-12-01 Peer visits and reviews of QMSs in Vinča Institute PTB completed Consultation Rolf Behrens, PTB (Germany)
Q 1347 2014-12-01 On-site visit by external technical experts in the field of metrology in chemistry CMI completed Consultation Jan Beranek
M 1346 2014-04-11 Key comparison of 1 kg mass standards linked to CCM.M-K4 BEV completed Comparison Zoltan Zelenka
M 1345 2014-05-01 Bilateral comparison of mass standards (100 mg, 2 g, 20 g, 500 g) BEV completed Comparison Zoltan Zelenka
PR 1344 2014-01-15 Bilateral comparison of luminous flux using lamps as transfer standards LNE completed Comparison Jimmy Dubard
L 1343 2014-11-01 MacroScale conference series PTB ongoing Research René Schödel, PTB (Germany)
L 1342 2014-11-01 NANOSCALE conference series PTB in progress Research Uwe Brand
EM 1341 2015-02-16 Comparison on calibration of Multimeter UME in progress Comparison Saliha Turhan
Q 1340 2014-11-10 On-site peer review of DSA (Norway) DSA completed Consultation Per Otto Hetland
PR 1339 2015-09-28 Comparison on Total Solar Irradiance PMOD/WRC completed Comparison Wolfgang Finsterle
T 1338 2014-09-15 Bilateral International Comparison of the standard platinum resistance thermometer (SPRT) in the temperature range from -40 °C to 230 °C UME completed Comparison Narcisa Arifovic
EM 1337 2014-09-01 Supplementary comparison of national standard facilities in the field of measuring the polarization and specific total power loss in soft magnetic materials PTB completed Comparison Martin Albrecht, PTB (Germany)
T 1336 2014-09-08 Consultation on IR Metrology at NSAI NLM, Ireland NSAI NML completed Consultation Dubhaltach MacLochlainn
T 1335 2014-09-01 Bilateral comparison of radiation thermometers MIRS/UL-FE/LMK completed Comparison Igor Pušnik, MIRS/UL-FE/LMK (Slovenia)
F 1334 2014-09-01 Bi-Lateral Intercomparison - Volume Calibration (20 litre) NSAI NML concluded Comparison Paul Turner
F 1333 2015-04-01 Comparison of standards for low-pressure gas flow 1 000 m3/h to 10 000 m3/h VSL completed Comparison Peter Lucas, VSL (Denmark)
T 1332 2014-09-01 Interlaboratory comparison in the range from 420 °C to -40 °C DTI concluded Comparison Mikkel Bo Nielsen, DTI (Denmark)
IR 1331 2014-07-01 Comparison of primary absorbed dose to water standards in the medium-energy x-ray range PTB completed Comparison Ludwig Büermann, PTB (Germany)
M 1330 2014-08-01 Bilateral comparison of pressure standards, gas media and gauge mode from 0,7 MPa to 7 MPa LNE completed Comparison Pierre Otal
MC 1329 2014-07-01 Sulfur dioxide (SO2) in synthetic air LNE completed Comparison Tatiana Mace
T 1328 2014-07-14 Comparison of the dew-point temperature in range from -50 °C to +20 °C between GUM and CMI GUM completed Comparison Rafal Jarosz
IR 1327 2014-04-27 Comparison of air kerma length measurements for CT diagnostic X-ray beam qualities IAEA completed Comparison Istvan Csete, IAEA (Austria)
IR 1326 2014-09-01 Comparison of the air kerma standards for 137Cs and 60Co gamma-ray beams for radiation protection measurements IST/LPSR concluded Comparison João Henrique Garcia Alves
F 1325 2014-08-01 Comparison for gas flow range 5 ml/min to 30 l/min MIKES completed Comparison Martti Heinonen
EM 1324 2014-02-01 Comparison of DC voltage standard, Zener diode standard, at 1V, 1.018V and 10V LNE completed Comparison Isabelle Blanc, LNE (France)
EM 1323 2014-05-10 Bilateral comparison of 3 resistance standards - 1 milli-ohm, 100 ohms and 100 megaohms LNE completed Comparison Isabelle Blanc, LNE (France)
F 1322 2014-10-01 Volume comparison at 100 microliter - Calibration of micropipettes IPQ completed Comparison Elsa Batista
L 1321 2014-06-23 Bilateral comparison in angle LNE completed Comparison José Salgado
L 1320 2014-06-23 Bilateral comparison in linescale LNE completed Comparison José Salgado
EM 1319 2014-04-10 Comparison of a 100 ohms resistance standard LNE completed Comparison Isabelle Blanc, LNE (France)
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