Reg. No.
Coordinating Institute
Collaboration Type
Q 1419 2017-04-10 Peer Review of NSAI NML's Acoustics Laboratory NSAI NML ongoing Consultation Paul Hetherington
AUV 1418 2017-10-01 Primary calibration of accelerometers in medium and high frequencies LNE in progress Comparison Jacob Holm Winther
Q 1417 2017-10-01 Peer review of QMS of LNE-INM (CNAM) LNE-LCM/CNAM completed Consultation Mark Plimmer, LNE-INM (France)
M 1416 2017-03-15 Bilateral study comparison in the high vacuum range from 5E-7 Pa to 9E-4 Pa. CMI in progress Comparison Dominik Prazak
F 1415 2017-04-01 Bi-lateral comparison of standards for low-pressure gas flow VSL completed Comparison Gerard Blom, VSL (Netherlands)
M 1414 2015-09-15 Comparison of hydraulic pressure balance effective area determination in the range up to 80 MPa FSB-LPM completed Comparison Lovorka Grgec Bermanec
L 1413 2017-03-01 Angle comparison using an autocollimator METAS completed Comparison Rudolf Thalmann, METAS (Switzerland)
PR 1412 2016-04-01 Key Comparison on spectral regular transmittance LNE-LCM/CNAM in progress Comparison Gael Obein
M 1411 2016-09-01 Dynamic high pressure comparison MIKES in progress Comparison Sari Saxholm
L 1410 2016-10-10 Calibration of Diameter Standards INRIM in progress Comparison Gian Bartolo Picotto, INRIM (Italy)
EM 1409 2016-11-14 Calibration strategies of a dual-stage transimpedance amplifier (ULCA) with 1 GΩ nominal overall transresistance PTB completed Research Martin Götz, PTB (Germany)
Q 1408 2016-10-24 Peer Review of INM (Romania) INM-RO completed Consultation Mihai Simionescu, INM (Romania)
L 1407 2016-09-01 Measurement of groove depth standards in the range 1 µm up to 1 mm PTB completed Comparison Uwe Brand
M 1406 2011-12-01 Comparison of mass standards 100 mg, 10 g, 100 g, 1 kg, 10 kg and 50 kg UME completed Comparison Sevda Kacmaz
M 1405 2016-12-01 Comparison of absolute pressure in the range 0.1 mPa to 1 Pa PTB completed Comparison Karl Jousten
M 1404 2016-07-01 Solid density comparison CEM completed Comparison Nieves Medina Martín
T 1403 2016-06-15 Tri-lateral comparison in humidity (dew-point temperature high range) 30 °C to 95 °C MBW in progress Comparison Sascha Wettstein, MBW (Switzerland)
T 1402 2016-03-22 Round-Robin comparisons of high temperature thermal conductivity measurement standards for insulation from 150 °C to 650 °C NPL completed Comparison Jiyu Wu
T 1401 2016-03-22 Star-shape comparisons of high temperature thermal conductivity measurement standards for insulation from 150 °C up to 650 °C NPL in progress Comparison Jiyu Wu
MC, T 1400 2016-04-27 Moisture metrology development NPL ongoing Research Stephanie Bell
F 1399 2016-04-18 Bi-lateral comparison of 500 ml flask FORCE completed Comparison Lise-Lotte Grue
IR 1398 2017-01-01 Comparison of personal dose equivalent at 0.07 mm and 3 mm depth, Hp(0.07) and Hp(3), for beta radiation PTB in progress Comparison Rolf Behrens, PTB (Germany)
F 1397 2016-05-01 Comparison of high-pressure gas-flow facilities between NEL, PTB and FORCE NEL in progress Comparison Gabriele Chinello, NEL (United Kingdom)
F 1396 2016-04-30 Bilateral inter-comparison in the gas flow range from 1 m3/h to 250 m3/h CMI completed Comparison Tomas Valenta
F 1395 2016-05-01 Volume comparison at 20 L - EURAMET Regional Key Comparison of CCM.FF-K4.1.2011 INRIM completed Comparison Andrea Malengo
T 1394 2016-04-01 Bilateral comparison of radiation thermometers MIRS/UL-FE/LMK completed Comparison Igor Pusnik, MIRS/UL-FE/LMK (Slovenia)
Q 1393 2016-03-09 On-site peer review IMBiH temperature IMBiH completed Consultation Semir Cohodarevic, IMBiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
T 1392 2016-03-01 Comparison of the calibration of noble metal thermocouples up to 1100 ºC CEM completed Comparison Dolores del Campo
EM 1391 2015-09-01 Traceability in lightning impulse RISE completed Comparison Alf-Peter Elg
Q 1390 2016-06-13 Peer review of the self declared CMCs of the LNE LNE completed Consultation Michel Massault, LNE (France)
IR 1389 2016-02-01 Bilateral comparison of air kerma and absorbed dose to water measurements for Co-60 and Cs-137 BEV completed Comparison Andreas Steurer, BEV (Austria)
IR 1388 2016-02-01 Supplementary comparisons of the calibration of protection level x-ray air kerma standards DSA completed Comparison Hans Bjerke, NRPA (Norway)
IR 1387 2016-02-01 Supplementary comparisons of the calibration of low energy x-ray air kerma standards DSA completed Comparison Hans Bjerke, NRPA (Norway)
IR 1386 2016-02-01 Supplementary comparisons of the calibration of medium energy x-ray air kerma standards DSA completed Comparison Hans Bjerke, NRPA (Norway)
M 1385 2016-01-02 Comparison in the negative gauge pressure range from -920 to 0 hPa. Part II LNE in progress Comparison Pierre Otal
F 1384 2015-12-04 Bi-lateral comparion 1000 Liter proving tank with special design VSL completed Comparison Erik Smits
IR 1383 2015-09-01 Bilateral Comparison on l-131 standardisation POLATOM completed Comparison Ryszard Broda
T 1382 2015-09-01 Comparison of the realisations of the dewpoint temperature in the range from -40 °C to 20 °C MIRS/UL-FE/LMK completed Comparison Domen Hudoklin
EM 1381 2016-11-01 Comparison for Ultra-low DC Current Sources UME in progress Comparison Enis Turhan
Q 1380 2015-12-01 On-site peer review IMBiH mass IMBiH completed Consultation Šejla Ališic
F 1379 2015-12-01 Comparison of primary standards for liquid micro flow rates VSL completed Comparison Peter Lucas, VSL (Denmark)
Q 1378 2015-10-13 On-site peer review IMBiH electrical quantities, time and frequency IMBiH completed Consultation Jasmina Loncarevic, IMBiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
MC 1377 2015-06-26 Comparison measurement for the validation of the developed methods for Al and Mo PTB completed Comparison Janine Noordmann, PTB (Germany)
M 1376 2015-09-01 Bilateral comparison in low gauge pressure 100 Pa to 3,5 kPa GUM concluded Comparison Adam Brzozowski, GUM (Poland)
M 1375 2015-09-01 Bilateral comparison in high gauge pressure 250 MPa GUM in progress Comparison Adam Brzozowski, GUM (Poland)
IM 1374 2015-07-01 Metrology - in short, fourth edition BEV in progress Consultation Robert Edelmaier
Q 1373 2015-06-01 On-site visit by external technical experts in the fields of metrology in chemistry and length GUM completed Consultation Adam Urbanowicz
L 1372 2015-04-01 Comparison for modern microscopes at research laboratories (Nordic-nano2: Step height) MIKES completed Research Virpi Korpelainen
MC 1371 2015-06-01 Key comparison 1000 µmol/mol propane in nitrogen VSL concluded Comparison Adriaan van der Veen
MC 1370 2015-04-01 Determination of gold in jewellery alloy IMBiH completed Comparison Aida Jotanovic
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